Monday, June 5, 2017

  We are so happy to have some beautiful weather after a LOT of rain this year! We had record breaking amounts. Normally a record I wouldn't mind breaking (I love rain!), but this year it's just too much! We have a ton of outside *and* inside work to do, and it's been such a good feeling to finally get at it. We're loving the bright sky and fluffy white clouds over the soggy ground and dark clouds. We love saying goodbye to dark heavy clouds both literally and metaphorically. I am feeling lighter inside than I have for quite a while, and am working on getting lighter physically. Weirdly (ha!) I gained even more weight during David's recovery last year (ugh!). I have happily discovered that I like green smoothies and am feeling so good having them for breakfast. I actually have energy to get moving right away, like I'm actually turning into a ...morning person!!!! I'm finding that I am losing my craving for breads, too, which is a biggie for me. David recently told me that he is feeling like himself again, which also makes me so happy!  I find that people see he looks well from the outside and think he's all good, but so often only people who have been through similar physical traumas really understand how long healing takes, physically and emotionally.                                                       My oldest daughter and cutie-pie granddaughter came up for a quick visit recently. Alaina is getting SO BIG and SO OLD. David had actually had to go to Tillamook the day before with some of his coworkers and they all had lunch with Rachel and Alaina. Grandpa was pretty proud to show them off, heehee! This pic was while we were picking him up from work the next day. I just love her  to bits, good grief. I've been pulling patterns and fabric out during our clean out. My own baby girl is 5, Emma, 12, and I've got to sew for them NOW, while they actually want me too! I do not want to kick myself later with patterns and fabric still sitting, waiting. I've found some fun older patterns at Goodwill, one of my favorite places to find patterns. My mom had the top two patterns, and I laughed when I found them in the same bundle at Goodwill; she had made my sister blue corduroy knickers and a blue blouse with the same patterns. I had a purple-y set. I loved those knickers and am wondering if Mia would like some or if I'll end up just making her shorts to wear with tights.  I'm trying to make some summery things and cold weather things, so I can plan a couple easy and quick to knit sweaters, too. I do think she'd be adorable in knickers and a cable knit sweater, though. We'll see! ❤