Monday, April 10, 2017

I'm in my room with my coffee, planning our week while HAIL is pounding against my window. Umm, hello there spring! We've had some crazy weather this season, rather matching the crazy in our lives this year! First, my sweet sister and her family just returned to their home yesterday, after taking a long sabbatical after losing their little Lem in January. They could use some prayer as they reenter regular life. My grandpa died in February, which was more joyful than sad, as he is now wholly healed after several years of his body simply failing him more and more. My grandmother is considering moving up here, bringing her much closer to family as she ages. 

In March, we lost my great aunt to lung cancer, four weeks after being diagnosed! We got to keep my cousins three younger kids while she went and cared for her mom. It was a fun, sweet time for the little kids, though also exhausting for my introverted family! I would find Owen or Mia, off on their own, explaining, "I just need some peace and quiet for a while." My older boys slept upstairs in their rooms, but my younger three and the three cousins camped out in the living room together. Towards the end, nerves were being rubbed raw so I sent Owen and Mia to sleep in my bed, while I snuggled my little three year old cousin, who was greatly missing mama, on a couch. I found them snuggled up so sweetly next morning, I just love this picture of them!

   I just got these cuties in a bag of assorted notions at Goodwill. I LOVE those bags! If only I could convince hubby that I would be thrilled beyond belief to get them for presents, haha! There are many more pretty buttons and button cards in the bag, but that needle card was my favorite. Speaking of hubby, he is back to work today after five weeks at Academy! Since he's been a Police Officer, Corrections Deputy, and now a Parole/Probation Officer, this was his third Academy! Hopefully the last. I can't see any other job changes after this, at least pre-retirement jobs.

As I was finishing up this post, I realized our deer family was having breakfast outside, so had to take a couple quick (bad) pictures. There's about five in this group. They're so pretty, but as things begin to ripen and bloom, my affections sure are tried! Ok, I'm always tempted to talk about EVERYTHING when I'm not blogging regularly, so I'm signing off now, and hey - the sun is out!!

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  1. My, the trials for your family over the past 1 1/2 years seem so heavy. As I have been reading through your blog it is clear that the Lord is your strength and peace. That peace feeds those around you as seen in the angelic faces of your sleeping children. My the Lord continue to be your hope and your refuge. I have enjoyed my visit with you. By His grace and for His glory...