Tuesday, October 4, 2016

First Day

I don't have any pictures today. I just want to get some words down. David's first day at his new job was wonderful. I don't know the last time he felt so light. Although we have both been grateful for his job as a Jail Deputy, something about it has been feeling fairly oppressive the past few years. I think sometimes that's how God pushes us into a new direction. This new job feels so "right" now. It's strange, though, to be changing jobs at this stage in life! I had the funny feeling of sending a child off to his first day at a new school, hahaha! David, in civilian clothes, feeling kind of funny himself. Last week, off to the jail to don his uniform, this week off to his office in a nice shirt and pants. He has his own office. Something else that has occurred to me often this past year is how all seven of our children have a different version of the same parents. For instance, other than the first four years of our marriage, when David worked LEDS with Oregon State Police (a computer job), David has always carried a gun. Well, when Mia was born, she was what we referred to as "stupid fearless". Owen had always been (and still is) "cautious fearless". Meaning, Owen has always been willing to try anything, but also has an innate sense of "too dangerous". Mia lacked that, though she has developed it over time. We no longer felt good having David's service gun at home, so he began to keep it at work. Well, he doesn't have a lock for it at his new work yet, so he wore it home last night. Owen walked in, talking, and stopped in his tracks, "YOU HAVE A GUN!!!!". He was utterly amazed. Somehow he had no idea that his policeman dad had one. So funny, where we live they are no big deal, he shoots bb guns at grandpa's house fairly often, and watches grandpa and one of grandpa's friends shoot targets with other guns. Now, our younger two kids will likely have no real memory of dad even in uniform! David will never work another Christmas or Thanksgiving. He won't have to miss church again. I'm still a bit torn on how wonderful weekends off are. I did like have midweek days off, for running around, while most others are in school or at work. Small trade-off, though.  The kids and I finally got my sewing area cleaned up. I don't have an actual sewing room, so that is all in the eating half of our kitchen. Well, David had his heart attack while I still had an explosion of sewing/crafting supplies I was organizing in there. I have started on it a couple times since then, but just hadn't had the motivation to really finish. Although I still have plenty to organize, we got the largest portion of it done, table and floor clean! I made a turkey dinner and we finally ate at our table again last night. Owen had a bit of a panic moment, asking if it was Thanksgiving, which we're supposed to have at Grandma and Grandpa's. I assured him, I was both cleaning out our freezer and celebrating dad's first day at work, which relieved him hugely. He then enjoyed the unexpected turkey dinner. The whole atmosphere of our home feels different. I know it's partly the "new", but the new seems to be bringing a sense of order. Shift work keeps things unsettled, which isn't the best for us. We're pretty flexible people, which sounds like we should do well with shift work, but really, I think it helped us be too lazy. Throw in a giant heart attack and the exhaustion that follows, and this last year has been a doozy. I think we're feeling the healing that is finally coming, and I welcome that!