Sunday, September 25, 2016

End of Summer

I took these pictures at a surprise party we went to for a lady who has been in my life for quite a while. She and her family are like our family. This spot is her very favorite spot in the world, it is about a 20 minute drive, and I NEVER KNEW IT EXISTED BEFORE THIS!!! How?!? It is a perfect place, water deep enough for the kids to have a wonderful time playing in, but not deep enough to leave us constantly freaked out. It was just beautiful and quiet. I see us enjoying this place often in our future. There are crawdads, though we only saw one that day. Salmon swam past the kids' legs, which they found pretty exciting. It was a really lovely note to end summer on, along this chapter in our lives. We have one week left, really, but will be starting a new one that I'm so excited about! David has only one week left as a Jail Deputy, and will be starting at Parole and Probation on October 3! I'm so excited for him, the interaction with inmates has often been a favorite aspect of the job. It can be the worst, too, but when someone is just really struggling and wanting to improve their life condition - well, David is really good at helping them with that. We love when former inmates approach us in the grocery stores, looking healthy with clear skin, jobs they're so happy to have, new babies, happy families. I had actually encouraged David to think about this job before. Just before his heart attack I had pointed out to him again that the best part of his job is the actual job he is now getting ready to start. There are benefits for our family, too, as we will permanently be on "day shift," weekends and holidays off. This is a huge relief, as my own health is not wonderful anymore. I have high blood pressure, not helped by the fact that during David's recovery, I GAINED more weight. Oddly, sitting with a tired man, watching millions of movies and tv shows, eating too much pre-made food, leads one to get fatter. Ugh. The almost down side to his heart attack being purely genetic is that he doesn't require a super healthy diet. His blood pressure and cholesterol were perfect. My own cholesterol is decent, too, I just really need to get overall improvements on my food intake and energy expenditure: i.e., time to focus on my portions and exercise regularly. Fortunately that tends to be pretty easy on day shift. This year my focus won't be so much on getting "super healthy" as just getting into a good routine. The extra weight will drop naturally as it does for the few months every year we're on days, only now I won't have the 8 months of swings/graves to undo all the good! I know I will eventually get to a point of having to really work at it, but for now regular exercise, not eating late at night (since we'll be in bed) and eating regularly through the day will be plenty good for me!  I do keep going back and forth on whether or not I want to keep blogging. There are times I just really enjoy putting my thoughts and days down, having a place to look back over, but other times I feel like it can eat up too much time. I struggle at times doing something "just because", without having made something tangible, even while knowing having something to look back on is very tangible.