Friday, June 3, 2016

Lovely Spring

Kids out drawing before breakfast.
                                                                                                              Today is going to be HOT!!! The three younger kids are happy, they will get to clean and refill the wading pool. Blueberries are beginning to ripen, salmonberries are being inhaled daily. Plans are being made for gardens, duck and chicken coops, goat pen improvements, playhouses and so much more. Deciding what the priorities are, how to do it on a tighter budget, now that we're paying some big medical bills. That is NOT a complaint!! I'm very happy to be paying them. We're just also wanting to do as much as we can while most of our kids are still young. A couple things are being redone in the kitchen, fortunately we realized a couple things we needed to be done differently before we'd finished. We also realized we actually have space for a playroom, which I'm so excited about!!! I get so tired of toys, but also sympathize with having doll houses "set up", haha! I've hijacked my daughter's kindle, I think blogging and commenting from here will work better than my phone. Our computer is still dead, I'm going BONKERS. It is not fun trying to home school without it. Still, David is on graveyard shift, anyway, which causes us to change how we do things a bit since the computer is in our bedroom. He has a physical test tomorrow and an interview on Monday, he is hoping to move over to Parole and Probation. It would be such a great move, schedule wise, with a Monday through Friday work week. Holidays off, even! Mostly, I think David would be so great at it. He is so good with the inmates, they tend to respect him and seek his advice already. I hope everybody's having a lovely spring! I'm feeling motivated, hopefully the whole family will catch it, hee hee.