Saturday, April 2, 2016

From my Phone

Going to give this a shot, we'll see what happens! Our computer crashed and David's been sick. Since he's our Tech Man, we're waiting on him to be able to get things fixed. I suppose my biggest problem blogging from my phone is that I just don't want "One Account for All of Google". I mean, I'm slowly warming up to the idea of local friends knowing I blog...very occasionally, ha-ha! But, not completely.    We had a pretty great Easter, the weather was indecisive but beautiful. After church I hid eggs outside before David and the kids got home (I was home sick). They found the eggs just before the clouds and rain reappeared! Mia repeatedly said, " This was  a beautiful Easter! What a lovely day!".                                  


  1. Sweet photo of your family, Michelle! My computer has been on its last leg for a few years now, but I'm too cheap to buy another before it crashes. I know just what you mean about local people knowing about your blog. None of my friends know I have a blog and I want to keep it that way!

    I hope you're all feeling better now. We got hit with Influenza A, and it wasn't fun!

  2. I know you're having techie problems...
    I have a couple of ways I visit your blog- well now just one.
    If I click your profile name in my comments-- it goes to dead 404 screen.
    If I click your link in my sidebar under WHERE I READ... I come straight here!
    go figure.
    I'm with you on the whole account with google idea. Not a big fan.
    I have way more than one account with them, and can't seem to get it all merged together. It's a head ache. Seriously.
    Hope you get it all sorted out.
    Y'all get well.
    see you round the blog sphere.

    1. I think it's dead from your comments because that's my Google acct through my phone, not my blog. Like, you know it's me, because you know my name and have gotten to know me, haha, but it not connected to my blog acct.