Saturday, January 2, 2016

Our Plans, His Plans (Pt.4)

This should be the last post dedicated to David and his heart attack! It just continues to get better from the last post. David's healing has been so quick and full, that I am just amazed. After spending the morning being gawked at by a group of hospital staff, we learned they were watching him and had decided he was well enough to be booted from the ICU - YAY!!! He was moved from the ICU on December 16. While adapting to our new space, I see a familiar looking man walk past me. I asked the lady I was talking with, "Is that...?" She says, "That's Andy." I say, "Andy Paulson?" She says, "Yes! Do you know him?" Weird time to be fangirling, and I managed to not chase him down like a weirdo and tell him how much I loved his wife's blog (Posie Gets Cozy) and how I'd been good and ordered a kit a month over the summer to stitch up over the Fall for Christmas presents, but didn't finish because David had a heart attack.  *sigh* Nope, I held it together and just watched him interacting with his coworkers, smiling and laughing. There was something reassuring about seeing him on the happy side of their struggles, knowing I'd prayed for this family and cried for this family and rejoiced for this family and he didn't know who I was, nor that I was standing there, just watching him. Anna, the lady I was talking to, didn't know about her blog, but agreed that they were absolutely as wonderful a family in real life as they seem on her blog. We've had so many people praying for us, hundreds, that I will never personally know of. It's so beautiful to know God knows each of us and our hearts and our ability to love and hope for the best for people we will never personally be involved with.  David was on Andy's floor for only a couple days before he was moved again to a rehab facility. He was there for a week and a half, not long at all! He improved even more, and he is home with us. All day on the 30th, I just couldn't believe it had been only one month since it happened. Truly the longest month of our lives! Well, not for David, he was unaware of most of it! Poor guy just woke up, suddenly (to him) unable to do anything for himself. He walks well, his memory has been amazingly restored, his left arm is very usable and his right arm is steadily increasing in strength. He will still be home, doing rehab locally for a while. How long remains to be seen, basically as long as we can afford it and keep his job, so a couple more months. Then he will go on light duty at work. It has been a long, but incredible month. I'm thankful for so much that has come out of it, but really and truly hope to not go through something like that again! Here's to a quieter New Year!!

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  1. Yes, a quieter, healthier but just as wonderful New Year. So happy to hear that David is home now and life is slowly getting back to normal. We'll continue to pray for his full recovery and I hope you're getting some rest too. Take care! X