Thursday, April 16, 2015


Whew! What a strange few weeks we've had. We are also in our family's birthday season.  I'm stopping in long enough to share a couple brights spots. Yellow seems to be my spring color this year! Completely unintentionally, but there all the same. I've been out a set of salt and pepper shakers for a while, I always manage to break just one or lose a piece of one. I came across this set while deciding between a vintage set or new. With vintage, there are so many beautiful choices, but I don't relish the surprise of ill-fitting or clogged tops on a set I want to actually use. I found these on Amazon and they're actually rather large!  They are also a nice, soft, older looking yellow. I do love them!

We were needing some new stools in the kitchen, our old wooden ones were getting bowed and weird, and were rather difficult to clean. I've seen these metal ones and was waiting for some at Fred Meyer to go on sale. They finally did, they came in red or a metal look. I really liked the metal, but when we went to actually buy them, we realized they were too short. Online, the tall ones were rather more than I wanted to pay for stools! I figured I would wait, we were in no hurry, we still have half the kitchen to rip apart.  I check Craigslist regularly and found these about a week later! The lady wanted $45, I asked if she'd take $40 and now we have stools - in yellow! They are a really nice soft gold/mustard color, and they are tall enough, yay!!

I've also managed a small bit of sewing, of a pretty and practical nature. The little cover that came with my small ironing board was destroyed quite a while ago; I don't even remember how, haha! I've had this fabric for a long time, it was given to me in a bag of other fabrics, and for whatever reason I just really love it. I've repeatedly considered making a garment for one of my little girls, but then they would outgrow it and the garment would be packed out of sight or ruined by being worn. Silly, I know, it's just fabric, but I really like the color combination and pattern. Now it will be pretty hanging in the sewing/eating half of my kitchen. I still have a small bit that I can add to a quilt later on, too!