Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Plans, His Plans (pt 3)

I tell you, Facebook is the best outline for helping me remember what all went on this past month! Still, there are so many people and things not included in these posts, I wish I could share it all without literally writing a book. The days between Dec 7 and Dec 10 were spent just watching, waiting, adjusting medications, and trying to keep David from biting his breathing tube in half! He hated that thing SO MUCH. Keeping the tube safe was pretty much a two person job, tying to keep fingers from getting bitten. As soon as one of us would get a bite guard in his mouth, he was pushing it out with his tongue. On the 10th, a neuro team came in to assess him. They pinched him pretty hard by his collar bone, to which he tried to yell, "OW!" We were pretty excited over that. His pain response was good, I've never been so happy to see him in pain, haha. It was thought David might need a couple rounds of dialyses, as his kidneys weren't able to keep flushing all the meds and toxins in his body, buy mostly he was physically doing well. I went home for a couple days to see my kids, take care of bills, and upgrade his phone service - because after not being updated the night he was removed from the ECMO, I saw several phone calls from numbers I didn't recognize. It finally dawned on me that David had never updated his phone service from limited calls and data  to a monthly unlimited plan! I laughed so hard at myself. My own phone had been broken, I was using his. Anyway, that morning, during rounds, it was suggested that he be switched from a breathing tube to a tracheotomy so he wouldn't be expending so much energy fighting the tube. I heartily agreed and kind of wished someone had thought of it sooner. It would have been so much easier on everyone! I went home that day, my oldest brother in law stayed with him. I felt bad for my kids, but I hated being home. I just wanted to be back with David. Still, it was good to be with them The first night I was just home with Aidan and Alan. I got some stuff done, then slept. Next day, I got the little kids from grandma's house.They were so excited, we were going to watch a Christmas movie together. We also planned to get a tree, but really, none of us were in the mood, so we didn't. That evening, a I get a call from OHSU. I'm filled with dread, but answer. The nurse says, "So your mister decided to wake up today! I almost didn't call you because I didn't want you heading up here tonight!" So crazy, and no, I wasn't rushing over (the weather in our state, specifically on the coast was awful, so much flooding, roads washing out, etc. she just didn't want me out in the dark on the dangerous roads), but that's where my mind was the rest of the night! I got up there the next morning, though right now I don't even remember who drove me. I have not been driving myself at all. I know I've been too distracted, I've only driven locally. When I got there, he was still intubated, so he could only look at me and make faces. I could tell he recognized me but wasn't completely sure why. The EEG he'd had showed he'd had a couple strokes and the expected shower of tiny brain injuries, but nothing was seen that was irreversible. That meant we'd really have to be patient while his brain both healed and cleared of meds and built up "stuff", which of course was totally fine; he was ALIVE.  Not even an hour later he remembered who I was. He suddenly started squeezing my hand and not wanting my to leave him. Nurses came in to turn him and clean him up a bit as they removed more and more from his body. One of them asked the ages of our kids, and when I rattled of , "23, 21, 15, 12, 10, 6, and 3", David gave me a look of pure shock and panic! We laughed so hard, oh my gosh. Yep, we have seven kids, honey! That became a favorite story spread all over and I still laugh every time I think of the look on his face!  Next day, he was extubated. I asked how his throat felt, he said, "Raw". Then he asked for coffee! That was a no, but they let me give him sponge swabs soaked in water. He loved it, he kept sighing the biggest, most contented sighs. Then he moved to ice chips to test his ability to chew and swallow, then jello. He did great. He also started remembering all those kids we have, heehee.  Next morning, the night nurse, Tim was quizzing him on what he remembered. What was his name, birthday, who was I, etc. He asked, "When were you married? Winter?" "No" "Springtime?"  He seems to affirm, to which I shake my head, no. He asks again, "Springtime?" David, to my hearing says/sings , "Springtime, mumble mumble" Tim says, "Are you singing Springtime for Hitler?" Then they proceed to sing it together! David's nurse is a Mel Brooks fan, what are the chances of that? David hasn't watched any of his movies for a long time, but David is one of those people who can quote movies and apply a song to just about any situation. Okay, I do that part, too. David and Tim spent the morning quoting the movies and singing bits of songs. It was so good to laugh so much!  Over the days, though, I found myself reassuring each nurse that the seemingly random movie quotes and song bits were the "real" David, haha!

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  1. I've read the second part of your post and this one and I am so very happy for you and David and the whole family. As I've said before, it's truly a miracle!! I pray for David's continued recovery and wish you all a brilliant, healthy, safe and awesome New Year!! Xxx