Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Getting there!

random kitty picture

So busy. So many projects "almost", but not quite finished. My camera broke (dropped by who knows), followed by a block getting dropped on the screen of my phone (while kid listening to music on it was putting blocks away). Sooooo, no pictures! I didn't mind the camera so much, my phone actually took better pictures, so hopefully the screen can get fixed soon. We're in the middle of doing the second "half" of our kitchen and I'm so excited! We have an old/new window and an old/new door!! They should be in this weekend, and hopefully I'll remember to use hubby's phone to take some pictures. Our downstairs is feeling like it's going to look "finished" soon and I can hardly wait. We started up with school yesterday, we will be doing a light week this week, as David has next week off. We will hopefully finish up the downstairs and have a day trip to Portland planned. Chuckie Cheese (birthday request from Feb and April) and Ikea (heeheehee!!!). I still sneak in and read other blogs here and there, but haven't taken the time to post anything myself. I had just figured out how to from my phone, too. Ah, well, it'll all happen eventually. No hurry. I cut out a quilt for our bed yesterday! I picked up two old quilts at Goodwill recently and one is a twin sized dresden, and I realized how easily it could go together and look nice, so while at the fabric store, looked and the quilting notions were 40% off, so I got an acrylic pattern, cut out shapes and assembled the pieces while watching a couple movies. I sewed up a couple this morning, I'm pretty excited. I've got one window shade mostly finished, I'm not sure how I'm liking it yet, but the brackets went missing, so it's not actually up yet. I'm doing roman shades, but am trying to avoid having seams across it, so I just used rings, which makes it a little wonky for raising and lowering. I'll fiddle with it a bit more. I like it when it's raised and it's pretty decent lowered, just a fiddly process.  Like I said, so close, but not quite there yet, haha!


  1. I'm sure all your projects will be finished eventually, and we'll be here to see the results!
    Have a great weekend! X

  2. Michelle, you sound just like me! A thousand projects going at once and there's never one that goes without a hitch. Hang in there and it'll all work out. I can't wait to see your old window and door installed!