Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Scrap Wood Chalkboard

This was the first year we had this

this was the second year

I'm trying to find and post all the projects I've completed, photographed, and lost! I really need to organize my pictures, but WOW is that a huge job! I made this chalkboard a few years ago out of a twin headboard/footboard David had made into a bench. We never got around to finishing it, we did leave it outside for a year in the very wet weather we have here, and I ended up with some wood to play with, so all was not lost! The board itself is just a plywood scrap, painted with chalkboard paint. I know "everybody has one", but I really love it. I love having changeable "art". I have lost the other pictures, I'll add them later if I find them. Last year, I did a verse in the shape of a tree, like this. For winter last year I wrote a winter poem out. I've enjoyed the deer head for the spring and summer. Really, that one can work anytime I'm either uninspired or just busy!


  1. Good luck re-organizing your posts!
    I need to do that so badly... organize, delete, properly label, and showcase many of my posts. It's an awful mess! who has that kind of time? really?
    If you're going into the deep dark hole that is your dashboard/posts tab... tie a string around your waist, so we can drag you out!

  2. Oh dern...
    I meant to say... I love your chalkboard and the fact you can change it out whenever you want. I love mine for the same reason!
    though I did not build it. It was a white board from Walmart that eventually just gave out...and no longer would erase well I painted over it and made it a chalk board. ;)
    It's not decorative like yours though... except when I draw on it!