Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Amelia's Nightgown

Just a quick one. This was one of those eternally lurking, never finished projects. I cut this nightgown out for EMMA, when she was around 4. It was from fabric gifted to me and I had a very limited amount, so of course I managed to lose one, single bit of cuff. Once in a while I would find it, put it somewhere, find the nightie, not be able to remember where the cuff piece was, and so on. I gave up when Emma got too big, anyway, but was pretty bummed about it. The cuff piece seems to have disappeared for good, so, having Amelia, I decided I'd just figure something out. She saw it and started wearing it right away, unfinished, haha. Last week I finally cut the cuff down and just finished the sleeve like it was bias tape. Perfect and FINISHED!! I love it. I recently scored a roll of heavy cream colored flannel for some winter nighties for both girls.

1 comment:

  1. It is soo pretty, I love it! And Amelia looks such an angel wearing it. Just lovely! X