Friday, June 19, 2015

23 years

Me, 19 years young in my gorgeous 1992 stylish maternity wear!

My 18 month old giant baby in Wurzburg, Germany. 

Opening his present, I love that smile! 

Good grief. I've been a mother for 23 years! What a crazy mixed blessing motherhood is. It's all I wanted, growing up. Sadly, I rushed into marriage to achieve it, without the benefit of some time to grow myself. One of my goals as a parent is to provide an environment that allows my children that growth while at home, enough to make wiser decisions upon reaching their own young adulthood, whether that be more schooling, working, or even their own young marriages. Mostly, that they will have confidence in their relationships with God, that they won't feel like they're on their own in the decision making. That we are encouraging to them in going after their own dreams, in cultivating their own skills. That success is not about the money. There's no big "moment" in life that will solve all your problems or make you suddenly happy. You get to choose to be happy along the way. If we actually trust God, then we don't stress about the stuff we already have no control over. We take care of the stuff we can, and enjoy the rest. At least enjoy each other through the rest. I stumbled and struggled a LOT with Scott and Rachel; I learned a lot, too. I have wonderful relationships with both of them, and am so grateful for that.  I am just so grateful that God even gave us so many wonderful, healthy kids. I pray I do Him even a little bit of justice by them.


  1. Happy birthday to Scott!! All those experiences you went through made you the fantastic mum and wife that you are now. Your kids are healthy and happy and they're growing up in a happy and loving home and that's truly wonderful. As parents we also just want our girls to be happy, to grow up into well adjusted, happy, God fearing individuals. Having a faith is so important, knowing you're not on your own. I really don't know how anyone can live without it. Anyway, happy birthday again and I hope you're all having a great week! X

  2. Thank you! Your compliments are embarrassingly sweet, haha! I truly can not imagine living without faith, there have been so many times life was hard enough even *with* God, I can't think what it could have been without!

  3. I used to think that I'd like to go back and have a "do-over" raising my kids. ... And in doing so, I'd teach the THE FEAR OF THE LORD... But surprisingly, I no longer think that. That would be lacking Faith and DOUBTFUL. I look back now and see that I taught my kids with the faith I had in the moment. I shared with them the LIGHT I had at the moment for the PATH I WAS ON THEN.
    Did I make mistakes yes. Did I Faithfully do everything God required of me-- no... But most days I did my best-- knowing it was filthy rags. My Parenting was nothing more than filthy rags-- my kids are His. It is not up to me to walk out anyone else's Salvation but my own-- Thank God his GRACE is sufficient And abounds much more than my sinful parenting.

  4. Michelle, this is such a wonderful uplifting post. I think we all wish we could go back and change a few things, but we'd still make mistakes because we're only human after all. I think you sent your children out into the world with a big dose of confidence and it shows. :o)

    1. Amen! I know I'd just make different mistakes, haha!!