Friday, May 8, 2015

Loss and Life

Playing with Grandma's phone!

Mia "reading" to Alaina, who loves books - Emma actually read several to her, with her fully attentive the whole time!

grabbing momma's face for kisses!

He really was happy to be holding her, haha! Also, that's paint on Emma's arm, I'm realizing it looks like a horrible burn or something!

No crafty stuff, Just some pictures of my beautiful, happy grandbaby. We ended a month of funerals with a wonderful though short visit from my daughter and Alaina. We lost three people in a matter of weeks. How does it seem to really come in three's? So weird. First, we lost a really good neighbor. My husband and I grew up with his two kids. My husband almost literally, as we live on the same street he grew up on. One of his brothers does, too. It was very sudden and rather a shock to all of us. He was one of those men who had an impact on so many people, had helped so many people, but didn't go telling everyone. He just did, quietly. Which was funny, because he really wasn't a "quiet" guy, haha. We will miss him, but his family is moving into his home, which will be nice. Second, was another man from our neighborhood, though he and his wife moved when he retired. He was a retired Deputy, David grew up with his kids, too. Wonderful man, wonderful family. He had been ill and in a care center where my dad (who is retired State Police and knew him quite well) had been visiting him, hoping he was mending. He had apparently gotten Cody to laugh pretty well and cheered him up some. If anyone can get someone to laugh, it's my dad! Third was the hard one for me, and most unexpected. He was also retired State Police, my dad had been his coach and he'd been an uncle/big brother to me for years. He was only in his early 50's, healthy, jogged everyday, but had a heart attack. Other than the babies we've lost, he is the first person I've cried over, ever. I'm not a crier, I just don't cry when people die, no matter how sad I might be. I tend to be a "doer", just tell me what I can do for you, and I'll do it. I've wondered if maybe I don't cry because most of the friends and family I've lost hadn't been actively in my life for years at the time of their death, but I hadn't seen Kent in 17 years!  He had gone through some of his own problems and moved away and, as people do, we just lost touch. The last time I saw him was the day I was moving into my own apartment after my divorce in '98. He just happened to show up in town that day and came and helped us move my stuff up to the fourth floor of a crappy apartment. He actually had been a groomsmen in my first wedding. I do hope we're done with funerals for the time being. Stay alive, people! *sigh* It was really nice to have Rachel here for a few days after all that. Poor girl has had her own trouble; she had to have her gall bladder out last week! She is healing well, and is so happy to be done with that pain, though! And, just look at that adorable baby she gets to see all day, every day! She is just the happiest baby, unless she is tired and a man is talking to her, poor guys, haha! For some reason when any of her grandpas or "adopted" grandpas  talk to her when she is tired, she starts crying. Hopefully a short phase, I really feel bad for them all! Well, I'm sure this was all rather rambly and weird, buy I'm still emotionally spent. Here's to a better week, hopefully month!!

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  1. I'm sorry about your losses- three in a row, that's tough. Hope you've had a better week and
    hope the rest of the month will be better for you all. X