Friday, May 1, 2015

Blooming Rhodies and Goats

    Weird title, really, because goats should not eat rhodies, bad; but hey, our rhodies are  blooming! I love them, but wish they lasted longer! I'm hoping to move the swing to the backyard eventually, and add to it, Right now it's pretty near to where I'm desperately hoping to get a clothesline put in!! Today is perfect weather for hanging laundry, *sigh*
     First thing this morning, as usual lately, Dipper got out of the goat pen to get his own breakfast. He figured out that he is tall enough to show off to the other two goats and feast on their favorite tree. They get so excited in the Fall, when the leaves start dropping, it's adorable. We don't have a nice, tall, permanent pen for them, we had to get one up so quickly when we started with goats. Unfortunately fences cost money, ugh. We were also hoping they wouldn't get too tall, but...he, at least, did, haha. We aren't surprised, we got to meet his father, and that guy is HUGE!!! As in, started rethinking the baby goats we were there to get. Mia just adores those goats. She gets a little nervous because they do accidentally knock her down, but she'll grow. She is finally fully in undies now. We are a diaper free family. I know a lot of people get excited over that, but it doesn't really do anything for me. Probably because even though I don't crave my own baby anymore, I do still crave my own toddler/preschool age kids, heehee. I love having little kids. I love having big kids, too, I think I've said before, but I love where we are right now, with kids spanning every age! Anyway, I am getting this afternoon to myself! Does that sound like just the opposite of what I just said? Haha, not really. I'm getting the afternoon to clean, uninterrupted! Our projects have left the whole downstairs pretty cluttered, finding time to focus  on finishing the sorting and putting away has been pretty impossible. David was already wanting to take the kids and me to see a movie today, so I begged off and asked Meemaw to watch Mia.  Is it weird to be super excited about cleaning? 'Cause I am!! I did make time to build this set of shelves, we always need more room to store books!! The only "downside" to having a bunch of bookworms. I love it!  I'm removing the dark wallpaper behind it, I had started painting it all white, but really prefer a smoother wall these days. Every wall in that little hallway is actually a different color. So awful, but glad I realized why I wasn't liking it. The wood was free, I removed it from a cupboard we were using as a pantry cupboard in our laundry room. It was fairly ineffective and blocked a window. Windows are the only form of ventilation in there, and I'm hoping by having better access, maybe I can at least hang *some* laundry in there to dry - and have it actually get dry rather than still damp and covered in mildew. Our shower is in there, which I'm sure doesn't help, but we're also at sea level, right next to a river. My parents live next to the same river, but on a hill, and it makes a huge difference! She hangs laundry out all the time and it dries just fine. A fan is definitely on our list of projects, but they add up quick! Well, this was going to be short, pretty sure I'm incapable of short!

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  1. You made that bookshelf by yourself?!? Wow! I'm so impressed! And don't worry, you're not the only one who gets excited about uninterrupted hours of cleaning and sorting. Me too! It doesn't happen often for me that's another reason I find it exciting. Well done to Mia for getting potty trained. Lulu is in undies too now. I love not having to deal with nappies anymore! The flowers in your garden are so lovely. I'd be tempted to eat them too if I were a goat!! X