Friday, February 27, 2015

Kitchen In Progress (free plank walls, too!)

Well, it's not pretty, but we're making progress! After peeling nasty wallpaper from Alan and Owen's room, I realized this part of the kitchen likely also had actual, tongue-in-groove plank walls under the paneling. Our living area does, too, though we had to peel SEVEN layers of wallpaper and a weird layer of cardboard to find it! I began pulling it off part way and peeking underneath, and sure enough! Our home is 100 years old this year, built in 1915 by a ship builder. I'm hoping to accumulate more on the history of it, how fun would it be to have all that information? David also found that we can get a whole newspaper of the one I found by the heating duct. That will be flat out awesome!

This perspective is from the middle of the room. The area shown is the original kitchen ( I would LOVE to see a picture of that!!) The room was extended in the 60's, I think David knows the exact year. Actually, I use to, it's on our paperwork. This part serves as sewing room, play room, and eating area. I recently moved our big table into it, realizing it was kind of silly to bring food out to the "dining room" (just through the swinging brown door) every meal, where the tv was, making more work for ourselves in the process, as well as being tempted to leave the tv on while we eat. Ignoring clean up was also easier - we don't have a dishwasher, so whoever is in charge generally procrastinates, a trait we both passed on to every child. Yay. We are overcoming it, though! Having the large table in here will also be really nice for larger sewing projects, which use to get dragged out to the living room. The funny cupboard with the red tile scraper (which we ended up not using, of course) leaning on it is where the chimney is. Right next is the heating duct. There use to be two wood stoves linked to the same chimney, a big insurance no-no, hence the chimney plug. We still have the wood stove, it's now in our living room for decoration, because we just love it and have nowhere else to put it. I keep battery operated candles in it, which throws people for a minute!              There has never been door or window trim in here, and I can't wait to finally put some up! There is a fan in the upper right corner that will be moved to over the stove. I'm so happy it works well, and to finally have a working fan in the cooking area! There is a ceiling fan that does NOT work on the cooking side, and makes the most horrifying racket when someone turns it on. I will be very  happy to have that one removed! We plan to plank the ceiling with stained wood. Although there is very likely a "planked" ceiling underneath the old ceiling tiles, I pried one loose, and there is a paper glued to it. Not worth the effort! Better, I think, to keep it, with it's minimal sound-proofing, than to make our house even noisier!

We've had to fill in some spots where there hadn't been flooring, and where I'd started to pull up all the flooring, before realizing how much of a pain that was going to be. The picture above reaffirms how happy I am to be able to have peel and stick flooring, rather than anything requiring many layers of glue or paint! I'm still painting over everything with some "garbage" paint we have, just to give the flooring a good surface to stick to, but I can't imagine what a pain it would be to try to keep kids and kitties out long enough for things to dry. Especially during our damp, cold spring!

This is what is going in, poor picture, though, it is.  Owen was so funny, he knew I was happy to have a floor that wouldn't show dirt as well, so when he was telling my mom about it, he said, "And we don't have to clean it, ever, because it won't look dirty!". My mom said, "Well, you'll still have to clean it", and he says back, "No, never, it won't look dirty, so we won't!" We will.


  1. I wish there's actually a floor that you don't have to clean- ever! That would be super duper amazing!! I love how the original features of your house are starting to emerge. I'm excited to see it all finished--it will be awesome! X

    1. Wouldn't that be THE BEST?!? Lol, self-cleaning at the very least, heehee.

  2. How wonderful to know a little history of your house! The fact that your house was built by a ship builder links the shiplap planking to him which is pretty cool! I can't imagine all the layers of wallpaper that you've had to remove! It's all going to be worth it in the end, so hang in there. And your no clean floor is genius!!

    Gorgeous magnolia shrub!!

  3. Shiplap - I had to look it up! Haha, very cool. It will be fun to do a little more digging on the history of our home - we do know some of the people who have lived here before!