Saturday, February 28, 2015

Goodwill Gallery Wall

I'm finally posting my bird picture gallery wall! I had posted my Goodwill find of bird coloring pages quite a while ago, and knew pretty quickly what I wanted to do with them. The pictures are blurry, I'm really not liking this version of my Nikon camera, it really doesn't do well, and you can't tell until the picture is on the computer. Ah, well. Better than nothing. (edited to add: I replaced the pictures, both a lot better, esp. the top one of the birds! The very top two I took a long time ago) The frames are from Dollar Tree, and spray painted ocean blue. It's kinda funny because people regularly ask if one of us drew them. The first time it happened, my oldest, Scott came in, saw it, and asked, "Did you do that?" I say, "Yeah, looks pretty good, huh?" He looks at me stunned and I instantly knew the misunderstanding, haha! After correcting it, he said he'd been stunned to think he'd lived with me for so long without knowing I could draw like that - he himself draws amazingly. The spot is right in the middle of our front door and a front picture window, which doesn't help with photographing it any. I will have to keep trying in different light. Actually, the cupboard below is a Goodwill find, too. It was raw wood and I had it in the kitchen for a while, trying to figure out how I was going to use it. Then it moved to the dining area, where I still wasn't completely sold. During the last furniture move around, I put some feet on it, slid it over between the door and couch and now I love it! The walk in area is a little awkward, since there's no entry hall/foyer/enclosed porch or anything like that, but it provides a good spot to stash my purse and drop our keys. It's really nice to be getting everything in a place that makes sense and functions well!

In spite of the terrible pictures, I'm sharing at:

                                                                  Ivy and Elephants 

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  1. I've liked those bird drawings and they look even lovelier framed and displayed together as a group. They go perfectly with the nests and eggs on top of the shelf. That's your spring and Easter decorations sorted! X