Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December. part one

Christmas, as usual, came and went too quickly for our taste! We are still enjoying the holidays, but I get terribly sad at how fast it goes. I so love the atmosphere, decorations, cheesy movies, baking, gifting, excited children, fun activities, etc. Because David is still on graveyard shift - which I have come to realize is the attempted murderer of Christmas - I haven't gotten to blog at all. By the time he is awake for a bit in the afternoon I am too busy with the family to do it, then by the time he leaves for work, I am both too tired, and this year, too busy still! He worked late today and is due home any minute, so I'll try to be quick about sharing a bit of our holiday. 

Starting the month off, our Parks and Rec put on an event with free roller skating, meeting Santa, and caroling downtown to the annual Lighting. We didn't take part in the caroling, which would have been fun, but the weather became so cold! We were not dressed for it and had already planned to take the kids to dinner after. This was the first time roller skating for our kids, and they had a marvelous time! I have been vaguely aware the old skating rink had been hosting some skating, but apparently it is a regular thing now. It will be fun to take the kids again. I wasn't sure how the kids would do with meeting Santa, but Amelia marched right up to him and stuck her hand out for a shake! Emma deemed herself too old to get in on the picture, but later wished she had. Poor thing, sometimes being almost 10 isn't fun. So quickly heading to the not-quite-a-girl-not-quite-a woman age. The dress Amelia is wearing in these photos actually used to be my oldest daughter, Rachel's! I can't believe I still have it.

This was our first year to cut our own tree down at a local tree farm. It was a lot of fun, and has been determined to be an official family tradition. All trees, no matter the size, are $25. I loved the more natural shape of the tree compared to the douglas fir we usually purchase at Fred Meyer. The branches were much sturdier, too. I still love our old trees, but I really loved this one! There was another family there with their five kids, who all hopped right on to the back of David's truck. The kids had fun chit chatting a bit while dad paid for the tree. The picture of Martae and Rachel is a little misleading, as that pic is of them with her dad, while they got their tree, but I just love the picture of the three of them, and it fit in with the collage, haha. Rachel has recovered from having that super sweet baby amazingly. 

We took a picture of the kids to send with our cards - it can be tricky getting five kids to all smile (normally - not like a crazy person), and turned out to be impossible with a dog this year, oh my!!! We went with the center one, and maybe the dog will do better next year. We don't even bother to try to include our kitties!!

We've had a bit of craftiness this year, with some wintery crafts planned for today. I spent many a night knitting until 3 in the morning, trying to finish up. I still have a blanket I'm finishing for Rachel and Martae. The top scarf I'm "modelling" is a "Gru" scarf for my son, Scott. The other scarf I'm wearing is a stripey Doctor Who scarf for Scott's girlfriend, Cecilia. I am sure I picked the two longest scarves I could have! Emma started knitting on a loom, and loves it. As she watched me knit, she really wanted to give it another go, but I knew I just didn't have the time to teach her and finish presents. I realized I don't have a non-silly picture of her with it, and she gave it to a friend of hers. Still, I think it's a cute picture. I was inspired by Marion to make the reindeer cards. Everybody contributed their thumbprint, though I had to instruct David that I did NOT want a jail-style, rolled thumbprint, hahaha!!! He had done exactly that when I gave him a practice piece of paper, too funny.  At the bottom of each I wrote, "Merry Christmas from the Hillard Herd". I want to do one just to frame, they turned out so great! I made my grandbaby her first Christmas dress. I wish I could have had her here to size it to, but it still turned out nicely. She's just so darn tiny!! Patterns always run big for newborns. We made some play "snow" for the kids. Amelia's got her feet in the last bit of it. Messy, but a lot of fun. It's just three cups of baking soda with a half cup of cheap hair conditioner, and it feels cold. I buy baking soda by the bag at Costco, so I will make them a bigger batch next time, but it was so much fun for them. They played with mini lalaloopsy dolls, vehicles, little people, and I don't know what else. Emma made a little winter diorama. The three youngest made cotton ball wreath that we sprinkled with fake snow and glitter, and have only just hung now that we're slowly packing Santa away. We will keep all the winter things out as long as possible, this is my favorite time of year!

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  1. I'm so pleased to hear you all had a lovely Christmas. The little dress you made for your grandbaby is so sweet! And I really like what you did with the reindeer cards - having everyone's thumbprints was a brilliant idea!!! Hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays. Happy New Year to you all!! x