Saturday, November 22, 2014

Taking the Bad with the Very Good

(The Bad)

Know what this is? Yup. Heartbreak in the form of half a head of my daughter's beautiful hair. Little Stinker climbed the toilet and felt around on the shelves, knowing the hair cutting scissors were there, supposedly out of her reach. No. Such. Thing.

 She may appear remorseful in this picture, but she isn't. She was looking into the cd she was holding, she is actually Quite Unrepentant!

I can sort of hide it in a skimpy ponytail, but will have to thin the other half out, too!! (And yes, I need to clean my house! I have stuff stacked all over the place, ugh!!)
 (The Very Bad) 

This happened in a storm yesterday to my poor daughter. Just when they lost their car insurance, too. I won't go into all their personal details, but Tillamook, Oregon is NOT  a friendly place for black people. That racism still exists just blows me away. I guess it shouldn't, stupid does exist everywhere. Martae is applying for a Corrections Deputy position up here, please be praying he does well on his testing and gets the job! It is a good job, it is what my husband does, and I've been able to stay home with our kids, which I am so thankful for.

Fortunately there is still this (The Very Good):

Having Sweet Dreams!
 Beautiful baby girl!

 Her eyes are open more and more. She is also quite full of smiles already.

Just how she was in mommy's tummy!

Already a week old! The time has only just begun to fly for mom and dad!
Alaina is such a beautiful little girl and I will freely admit that one of the benefits to Martae becoming a deputy up here would be getting to see this little girl grow up! I do feel sympathy for his mom, she is all the way over in Chicago. Off for some grocery shopping before I get back home to clean and get ready for church tomorrow. We've been absent from there for what feels like forever - I'll go into that later, hahaha.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to your daughter's car. That is just so ignorant and cowardly. It just beggars belief, especially at this day and age. Thank goodness for beautiful little blessings like sweet baby Alaina. She's A Very Good Thing and you're lucky to have her in your lives. So sorry too about the hair cutting incident. It doesn't look good at all on the second photo. At least it's winter, maybe she can wear hats?...Have a lovely and safe week! x

    1. Thank you, Marion! Fortunately my daughter's car is being fixed, I think her dad is helping her with it, whew! I'll say I was surprised about Martae's treatment - I've lived in Tillamook, and though I hated it myself, I had no idea! Probably because I never saw any black people there - now I know why!! I have thinned out the "less thin" (Mia has her daddy's very soft, but very thin hair!) side of her hair, I can actually hide it pretty well now, so I can at least take her in public without having to explain every time, hahaha!