Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cold Weather and Some Finished Projects for Grandbaby!

David burning our summer collection of burnables in our overgrown backyard.

So thankful for this wood stove!!

First doughnuts of Fall - such a good recipe!

Cold weather always means bringing my old Little People out!

Recovered car seat for grandbaby!

After realizing poor hubby must be working overtime, I also realized I should sneak in a bit of a post! Our weather has finally gotten cold, after a rather warm (record making, even!) Fall. We never did gather firewood over the summer, so we had to make a mad search for some. We ended up finding some that came with a guarantee of swift delivery, but we certainly paid the price for it! I'll admit I was a bit teary and fussy, though mostly kept it to myself, the night before. The man brought it out in a dump truck, which thrilled the kids to bits,  Mia, especially. They had so much fun watching it dump all that wood out! After loading a bunch of it, we are extremely grateful that it appears to be a very generous cord of wood, unless we've just been getting shorted in the past, hahaha! Mostly, I am very thankful to have had the money in the bank to cover it. We have had years that we would not have had it. We are very hopeful to get a new furnace next year, but that's been a hope for many years now. Something Else is always good at showing it's face, needing the money! I am very thankful to have that wood stove, even when we do have a furnace, we plan to keep the heat fairly low and supplement with wood heat. The thing I look forward to most with having a furnace again is a warm bathroom! Our house is old and not insulated. Still, as we read our way through the Little House on the Prairie series, I am reminded to also be thankful that our bathroom is in the house!
With the cold, we've made our first batch of doughnuts for the year, I'll share the recipe later, when I've had time to find it again (groan). They were sooo good. I made three batches the first day - one with egg replacer (worked perfectly!) for my oldest son and his housemates. Scott is not a doughnut eater, but even he raved over these. The other batch went to work with David, and we ate the third! We went through a couple  more batches, then decided maybe we didn't really need doughnuts daily, heehee.
Rachel may be getting induced today, I'm anxiously awaiting. She's an hour and a half away, and I keep feeling like I should be there, hovering, which would actually drive us both batty. Neither of us are the type to want people - even family- around during these kinds of things. I can remember when I was in labor with her and my in-laws kept hovering around. I was hissing at her dad "GET THEM OUT OF HERE!!! I DON'T WANT THEM HERE!! I CAN'T FOCUS UNTIL THEY LEAVE!!!" My mom was with my when I had my first baby, and I couldn't stand her being there! I only want baby's dad with me. Funny thing is, I don't care how many strangers are there! Have a new nurse? Bring her in!  Have a class of med students who want to see what's going on? Bring 'em in! Have a group of people just curious about birthing babies? Bring 'em in! Back to the point of this paragraph, I had told Rachel not to worry about a car seat, I still had Mia's and she could have it. It's good til 2017 and it has the kind of handle we both prefer. She wasn't crazy about the neutrality of it, so I offered to recover it for her. I found the perfect fabric for it and am so happy with how it turned out! The trim was already a light grey, so I was able to reuse a few pieces. I also finished the blanket I crocheted for baby! I used a Red Heart acrylic, which isn't my favorite, but at the time that who had the right colors. I am actually amazed at how soft it is, after washing it! I still have the car seat, when I got it out of the closet, a strap was missing!! I've ordered new ones for her, which she deserves, anyway, but we've been stressed about how she's going to get that baby home from the hospital. Turns out she's got a regular size car seat in her car for a little boy she babysits, she just didn't realize until we were talking last night that they can be used for newborns, too. What a huge relief! Well, this is a bit rushed, but I'm glad to have had a bit of time for it, though sorry for the lack of sleep poor David is getting!

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  1. You've done a great job with the car seat and the blanket goes perfectly with it. We've used the same push chair for both our girls and they've had second hand, Ebay bought cot and toys. Baby things are so expensive these days and they only use them for a certain period it's impractical to keep buying new ones all the time. I hope Rachel has a safe delivery-- hang in there Granny! : ) Hope you're all having a warm and cosy weekend. I'd love to get the donut recipe too! x