Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Baby Shower

 David worked a 12 hour, midnight to noon shift, so he gets off work in ten minutes. I realized I should take advantage, and write up a quick post! Graveyard shift is the hardest time for me to blog, as our computer is in our bedroom! In an old farmhouse like ours, you've just got to make things work where they work, and this is where it ended up and works best.  I really, REALLY miss my laptop. I don't remember if I've said before, but only days after we got it back from having the screen replaced, Owen came running out after getting hurt and slammed it into a cup of milk as he threw himself on me. So. I hosted my daughter's baby shower, which, being done by me, during this particular project finishing time, means complete chaos the days leading up to the big day. I warned her that the sewing area would not likely be clean and nice, I was only willing to stash so much that I would have to pull out again. Of course I wish I'd gotten so much more done, but there are only so many hours in a day. I had scheduled just a short party, Rachel and I neither one really enjoy baby showers,'s her first baby, so ya gotta! After a late night, I had given myself the hour between 1 and 2 to finish last minute things. At twenty to one, I was still not dressed, my mom was going to be over shortly to help, and Rachel was already there - looking at me rather oddly. I said something like, "I know, I've still got too many things to finish, but my mom's coming at 1 to help. We should be ready by 1:30 for those who come early". She says, "Mom, the invitations say this thing starts at 1:00". My eyes bug out, I run to the computer, and sure enough! How on earth did I push this an hour later in my brain?!? I throw my clothes on, my husband's aunt, cousin and niece are already walking up the walkway! Fortunately we were close enough to "finished" to just chuck a couple snacks out the window, figuratively speaking. I got very few pictures, but everyone really did have a wonderful time, there was plenty of good food, good things to drink, no games (we both really don't like baby shower games, though I have played a couple fun ones in the past), just lots of catching up with family and friends. We ended up with my son, Rachel's best guy friend (we used to think they would end up together!), and Martae at the shower.

This is my favorite picture. Martae is so excited to be a dad. I just love the smile on his face! He really enjoyed all the clothes, books and baby stuff they received. My mom and I went together and bought their crib, though I need to get a mattress still! Because we're weirdos, the car seat I had for Mia is still plenty new, and has the kind of handle Rachel likes, so she gets that. I'm going to be doctoring up the cover today, so the colors match hers. 

This is my Mother in Law. I was so happy she was able to come, her health has not been the best and she has been mostly housebound for quite a while. Without going into weird family details, that is my nephew  behind her, and that is the first time they've gotten to meet! That is my oldest kid on the couch, Scott.

These are a couple of the baby related projects I'd (almost) finished, and used for the party. The fabric ones are still a little loosey-goosey because we've managed to misplace my staple gun. The baby's room is being done in lavendar, gray, and white, with jungle animals. I have a bunting that I was attaching to bias tape when Rachel pointed out my timing error, so it got thrown into my bedroom! I'll finish that today, too. I've got to get all these baby things done for her, though she's realizing the baby really won't be in her room much for a while. I really would like them done so I can move onto holiday fun projects! I'm already pushing that, time-wise, as it is!! Good grief, every year seems to fly faster than the year before. I'm so excited for my daughter, that first baby is such a sweet time, she'll get to be a mommy this Christmas!

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  1. I love those baby things you're making. I can't wait to see the finished bunting and other things you still have to finish. It doesn't matter that you're running late, it's the effort that counts and your daughter and her partner look so happy so that's a successful shower party in my book (I don't think I'd enjoy one with games either)! x