Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ready to Slow Down!

Aidan trying to get out of the picture! Mom was too fast, heeheehee!

Wow. Where to begin, yet keep it short. We have been so insanely busy this summer, yet we've rarely left the house! The busyness will continue, I'm afraid, as I will be hosting a baby shower for my daughter in a few short weeks, and there is still so much to accomplish before then. We did force ourselves to get out a couple times. Having our old steps and flooring from our porch was a good excuse to head to the beach and have a couple bonfires!

A couple months ago, I was at the fabric store, when I saw this lady who I knew, but wasn't sure why I knew her, but I also knew I should know her. She was on the phone, we kept eyeballing each other, but I had to go. On my way home I suddenly, without a doubt knew who she was. When David and I first married, we went to a church where this young lady (at the time) went. She was maybe 20, I was 26, recently remarried, with two kids and  pregnant soon after getting married. A couple years later we started getting to be friends, but David and I moved back up here and didn't stay in touch with anybody. No reason, we just didn't. Well, this was her. I just wasn't fully registering that it was her because it was a strange place to run into her. I figured maybe she was on vacation or something, but was kicking myself for not staying at the store. Oh well. Well fast forward a week or so and I get a weird friend request on facebook, which I almost deleted, because I didn't recognize the last name. Fortunately I checked it first, because it was my friend, Heather, she is now married, and lives 15 minutes away from me!! And has for almost a year!! She thought we had moved somewhere else. We've gone to the beach with them a couple times now. She introduced me to s'mores made with roasted marshmallows and chocolate mint sandwich cookies. Holy Yum!

I don't know why we don't go to the beach all the time. It's so beautiful. The sunsets are so beautiful. I took these two pictures almost one after the other, and you can see how fast the lighting changes. Amelia absolutely adores the beach - we can NOT tell her we are going until the very last minute, or she spends the day asking, "We can go to the beach now?"  over and over and over, with some crying and demanding thrown in here and there.

I love this picture of Emma and Owen. David hates it, Emma looks so grown up. She does, and I've seen firsthand how fast it goes. Emma has become a full blown book worm. I love it.

I went to Goodwill today and scored a bunch of books -most of the Beezus and Ramona books, and another series I have never heard of, but looked fun. They were $.99 each.

I also found some nice rubber boots, as the girls both needed a new pair before the rain comes. Mia is modelling them (on the wrong feet) quite enthusiastically.

Photobomb Underwear Boy!
 And then, we have Owen, who has been wearing underwear for the last two, extremely hot, days. We've been a bit jealous at his ability to run around so scantily clad, but for whatever reason, our kids think it would be too icky to have us all run around like that! I don't understand, haahaahaaa.

I've been hoping to find one of these for a while, between the things people have done with printer trays, and this extremely cute house. I have some of my Little People from when I was a little myself. The kids play with most of what I have, and have acquired, but I have saved out some of my wooden ones. This will get a paint job and some scrapbook paper. Some day. We'll see.

I started this blanket on our way back from a long-distance family day, when I realized I needed a no-think project to work on. I haven't even had time to work on that lately (though I do like the colors)! I also have a gift in the making, that I would really like to finish and get sent out! I really like it, and hope she does, too, but good grief, it just shouldn't be taking me so long to get to it. I just took two of our kids for achievement testing, but still need to plan out our next school year. The lady who does the testing had a grammar book that is exactly what I've been looking for, so I am excited about that. I'll go into more of what we've been getting done later, but it's been so long since I've had the chance to post, that I wanted to get something on here! It's so funny, David being on swing shift always makes me think I'm going to have free time in the evenings, but both times he's been on this shift since I started blogging again have been such busy times! I have been sneaking little peeks into other's blogs, and it seems as though we are not the only super busy people right now! I am looking forward to more finishing, and a slower, cooler Fall!


  1. You're definitely not the only family who've been super busy this summer. The second half of our summer had been a drag because my husband was working a lot. And now Markie has started school! busy, busy.I can't wait for us to slow down and settle into a better daily routine. Anyway it's so nice to hear from you! I love those photos of the sunset but most of all I adore those photos of your girls wearing their new wellies. They are gorgeous! Owen's photobombing made me laugh. I'm glad to hear you've reconnected with an old friend. It's always nice to have good friends nearby. I hope to drop you an email soon. I've been meaning to for ages! Have a great week! Love the colours of your crochet project and I'd like to have one of those little shelves too. x

    1. The busy bug seems to have bit a lot of families this summer!! We're not quite ready for cold weather and "real" Fall, so much to try to cram in, still! I do hope Markie is enjoying her school! I will email you soon! David just went back to work tonight, after over a week's vacation (a "work" vacation, most of which he was sick for, poor guy!)

  2. Michelle, first of all, your blog banner photo is just adorable! And your photos of your precious children, too. I scrolled through a few of your older posts and noticed you have a good eye for vintage treasures. The gravy boat and bird coloring book are wonderful! I bought one of those wood house cubbies for our granddaughter's room and she's got it filled with her favorite "little" things. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, thank you! I still need to post my bird wall! My daughter, Emma, kept saying the house looks like it should go in her room, hahaha! I do have a tiny one I'm quietly fixing up for her - it actually is for thimbles, I believe. At least, that's what it came with (at Goodwill!)

  3. I've been wondering when I'd see you back! Lol, I know, I haven't even done one post yet on our new blog...but for some reason, my computer won't let me log in as me for the blog. :( Your pics are great! The pic of Emma in the back of the truck looks like Rachel when she was littler. the ones of the bonfire make me sad as we were supposed to be there for that!!!! You are so creative you make me jealous! :-P
    ~Emily (because I forgot to sign Naomi out and myself in!)

    1. I have the problem of not being able to post comments frequently, as of late! The whole comment just vanishes as soon as I hit "post comment"! Eventually we'll all get together again!!!!!

  4. Hi Michelle!
    looks like a wonderful summer.... fun at the beach, and kiddos.
    Getting close for the grandbaby?
    I know you must be so excited... hang in there.
    those pictures of your kiddos modeling their boots and "underwear boy" ...are hilarious. Reminds me of my kids. We called them Panty Man pictures...hee hee!
    Do you home school your kiddos? I can't remember. I'm getting the impression yes?
    I home schooled ours-- and am currently home schooling my grand daughter. She is five and so smart! I feel like I'm out of practice. But it's coming back. ;)
    take care and post when you can.
    Oh! so glad you hooked up with your good friend. good friends are few and far between.
    have a great weekend.

  5. Yes, I do homeschool! I love it, and wish I could have done so with my two oldest kids, but my ex-husband wouldn't let me (you know, 'cause homeschooling is really just an excuse to sit and play video games all day, lol). How great that you are able to homeschool your granddaughter! I love "Panty Man" pictures, that cracks me up - especially because Emma HATES the word panty. "Call them underwear!" she constantly says, but Owen does have a habit of referring to them as panties, hahaha.