Saturday, July 19, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

Well, we finally purchased the bulk of what we will need to redo our porch - our pocketbooks are crying just a little! I've missed keeping up on my blogging and visiting with you wonderful ladies, so it's a good time to at least share some things I've brought home from the thrift stores!

I found these two board games from the '60's - I love the pictures, graphics, and colors of both of them!

Terrible pictures, but I've gotten a new camera (did I mention mine died, or did that happen after everything else broke, haha?), and need to figure it out. It's just an updated version of the one I used to have, a Nikon Coolpix, nothing super fancy, but I really like it. 

It actually took me THREE trips to one of our favorite thrift stores before I brought home this ironstone gravy boat! For $2!! What is wrong with me?? Really, I was simply trying to not bring home more "stuff", and it has a crack up the side, so I won't be actually using it for gravy. Still. After two trips of not bringing it home, I decided if it was there when we went back, I would get it. And, I did!

This is one of my favorite finds - I love the box, and there are so many beautiful pictures! I like them uncolored, though I'm not sure what I will do with them yet. They would make a wonderful gallery wall, I'm just not sure where I'll find the wall space!

My daughter thought these were weird, but I couldn't pass up the yellow and pink chicken recipe cards!

I've now got a good sized jar of old wedding bells, fans, and this bride.

As well as a good sized amount of baby things - these will come in handy for a baby shower I will be having for my daughter.

I fell in love with this platter - think I'm going to have to watch myself on the platters!

These trims all came in a bag together, now I must make a decision as to what I will make with them. Those types of decisions kill me. I'm always sure that as soon as I commit, cut, and sew, that I will see the "perfect" project that I should have saved them for. The next picture is not from a thrift store,

this is a picture of my GRANDDAUGHTER!!!!! Yep, my daughter is having a baby girl. We are getting very excited to see her, though we still have a good long wait!                                                                   

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