Monday, June 16, 2014

Nightgowns For Little Girls

Too cold! Amelia would NOT put her feet on the grass!!

I'm always finding my girls flopped on their tummies, feet in the air!

   Hey! I actually took a bit of time last night and this afternoon, and got a couple of nightgowns made! The girls only have warm pj's right now, and Amelia, especially, has been stripping down before bed. She even has managed to get a heat rash one night. Our weather is so funky, it will be warm and beautiful, but with a muggy, miserable, in-between period before the rain comes. I've had this blue fabric for a loooong time. I actually can't remember where I got it, but I think it was part of a stash given to me from the sister of a friend.  I didn't use a pattern, just the width of their chests for measuring the top bits, some straps, and a length of fabric. I'll post some pictures of the details after I get them off of the girls and washed. Also,Owen has requested a nightshirt!! So funny, I will have to see what I can do about that.
   I tell you what - this couch was such a great buy - especially for swing shift. We've realized our family really functions naturally on swing shift. Staying up a bit late, getting up a bit late, fairly lazy morning, breakfast, chores, schoolwork, dinner, David to work, more schoolwork or reading for the kids, light meals, and lately, sprawling on the pulled out bed to read and watch tv or a movie, or even just playing with toys. The kids just love it! They had one of their cousins spend the night a few days ago, so the 10 year old and 11 year old slept on the fold out, with the 14 year old on the couch. They had a great time.
   It is such a nice feeling to have something finished. I do hope the Finishing of Things continues in a steady manner!


  1. These night gowns are so sweet and they're perfect sleepwear for muggy, humid nights. Our weather here has been very changeable this past week, one day nice and sunny, next dark and wet. We have to take raincoats with us whenever we go out even when it's dry just in case. Anyway, hope you're all having a great week and yes, may the finishing of things continues! x

  2. This post brings back memories of my granny who always thought one should have a dainty nightgown of batiste with tatting for summer. She made two gowns each until we were in high school. And yes, the boys got nightshirts!

    1. What a sweet memory. I do think it will be fun to have a little boy in a nightshirt while he's young enough to want one!

  3. Such pretty nightdresses and cute photos of your daughters. Can't wait to see the nightshirt!
    Caz xx

  4. Hi Michelle! Getting by here to catch up with you. Love the little night gowns for summer.
    The pull out beds are great for mixed schedules aren't they?! We had one when my kids were growing up. It was also nice the summer the second window a/c went out. The kids all piled in the front room and slept in there-- with the oldest sleeping in the recliner! Gets hot in Texas and you can't sleep when your hot!
    good times!