Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Collection of Collages

Whew! It's been two weeks since I've posted. Life gets so crazy busy, that it gets difficult to even throw some pictures on here, but I'm determined to store these memories!! Even the bad ones. Explanation to follow. Boo.  

First up, two Family Days ago - beautiful day, our rhododendrons have been gorgeous. I wish they stayed around longer! We tried out a cafe that is newer to the area. We've read some pretty mixed reviews on it, and were hesitant, but a couple of David's coworkers love it, so we went.  Their burgers are so good!!! And their macaroni and cheese -  David and I kept snitching bites out of Mia's. They have toys, coloring, and board games for the kids, and a really relaxed atmosphere. We will be going back! Afterward, we went out to one of the biking/hiking trails out at Ft Stevens. We've biked it in the past, but it was nice for the littlest to get to walk and walk. Downside - mosquitoes! Next time, repellent. One of the upsides of walking rather than riding, is that we can stop and really see all the beautiful spots along the way. To tire the kids out further, we took them to a park before going home. 

Okay, pretty sure I should have at least cropped the pictures of the big kids - it's harder to get shots of them! Big stinkers stop wanting their pictures taken. Well, really just the 14 year old. The others just move too fast!
(Btw, the not so fun part is coming up!)

Next day,we bought a new-to-us couch (and yes, Mia's wearing the same clothes - she zonked HARD after all the walking and playing). I love the shape, and can't wait to make a slipcover for it. It is a hide-a-bed, too, which has the kids extremely excited. I steam cleaned it outside, thanks to more gorgeous weather, perfect for drying outside. I moved up to the porch, where I've been sanding down our coffee table. I was even good and taking a few pictures along the way - the outer ridge I was filling in a bit (it is so good for trapping food bits, ugh), the corner I was preparing to caulk.  Mia was pretty sleepy and curled up in my lap. I loaded a new tube of caulk and was pumping the handle when I felt something weird *and* Amelia started screaming. I was in disbelief, but knew and was sick to my stomach. I had just chopped the tip of  her finger off!!!!!  There is a hole on the caulking gun for cutting the tip off the caulking tubes and she stuck her finger in it!!! I wrapped her hand in a clean kitchen towel, threw her into the van, called David's work, handed the phone to Aidan, was going to bring Emma, but the poor girl dissolved into a puddle of tears.  Alan came with me instead, and he was just wonderful.  David met us at the hospital (he really had the best coworkers). I usually have a strong stomach and do well in these situations, but this time I was a wreck! I came so close to being sick repeatedly. *sigh* A super nice lady in the waiting room with her mother in law loaned her tablet to Amelia so she could watch Angelina Ballerina. What a huge blessing - it completely took her mind off her hand.   The nurse who cared for Amelia was male, and very encouraging and wonderful. He stitched the tip back on, and has pretty firmly cemented the idea of going into nursing into Alan's mind. He's brought it up before, but always felt funny being a guy. We've told him there are a ton of male nurses, I've shown him that Andy Paulsen of Posy Gets Cozy fame is a nurse, and then found out after telling my friend, Marion, about the whole incident, that her husband is also a nurse! Alan seems relieved, though I try to teach my kids to not worry about what society thinks of them to that extent!  
Amelia's spirits recovered quickly, and has only shown discomfort when we change her bandage. Even that is more emotional discomfort than physical. She's down to a band aid, then in a couple days we're to leave that off. I suspect she will not be happy for a few days at that point, poor girl.

 We had some quiet days of recovery (I think mostly emotional for all of us!) and relaxation. We watched some movies and baked. I made this Triple Chocolate Buttermilk Bread, and it was so good! I wasn't sure how the texture would be, but I loved it. A couple of the kids didn't enjoy it, but a couple did, so I have someone beside myself to eat it. After taking Mia to her doctor to check her finger's progress, she wanted to visit grandpa, my dad. My mom has been in Klamath Falls, helping care for her dad. He wasn't doing well, but my dad actually figured out his medication was causing some problems. The doctor took him off those meds, and he has gotten quite a bit better. Mia loves her grandpa! He has many animal identification books, and her favorite is one on spiders!! Weird girl. I've been drinking coffee out of the same cup at their house for about 25 years! I got that cup in the picture while in high school. I can't believe it's still around!

I also baked up some of our favorite scones. I love blueberry, the kids chocolate chip. After years of using baking sheets ( I usually make three) and having to switch them around in the oven, it finally dawned on me to just use pie pans! They fit on one rack, duh. Unbelievably, I've been getting some CROCHET done!! I'm making a blanket for my grandbaby in my daughter's favorite color combo. I love these circles, they've been so nice to work on in the evenings. I also got some yarn for making this dress. I've already started one in a different yarn, then lost the hook. I don't seem to have another the same size, of course. I love this pattern, too, and can't wait to make it in this linen. Well, I think I'm about caught up for now, David has begun swing shift, so I'm thinking I'll have more time at night for blogging regularly, but I have thought that before! I'm so excited to start finishing up some yarn projects!


  1. I've really enjoyed reading this post and looking at all the photos, apart from Mia's little accident, but I'm glad to hear her finger is on the mend and you've all recovered from it. I think it's cool that Alan wants to be a nurse. Tell him it's a great profession. He can choose whatever area he wants to specialize in plus nurses are paid well over there in the States. If he wants to know more about nursing he can always ask my husband (or me! I was once a nurse too, haha!). By the way, well done for the new yarn projects. Can't wait to see more of the baby blanket and the dress. As always, your bakes look yummy. The scones here are round shaped and eaten with jam and cream or butter. But I know in the States it's different with more flavours....Have a lovely week! x

    1. Haha, I'm always hesitant to even refer to our scones as scones, as I've likely never had a proper scone! One of my favorite are treacle scones, and they are cut into circles. My mom had gotten the recipe from a book an English lady had written, but of course she had Americanized (Americanised?lol) it. You did just remind me of flying home from Germany when my oldest was almost 2. We went through London (stuck on the plane, no layover - boo) and the airline staff switched out, so we had clotted cream with our meal. Scott ate that stuff up,straight out of the dish, it was so funny. We were so blessed - we had been put into a row with another baby, so we were moved - right plop into the middle of a bunch of grannies! He was a really wonderful little guy, and they all were offering their cream to him when they saw how much he loved it.

  2. Oh my gosh, that little girl is a trooper! I can imagine how sick you felt. So happy that they were able to save it and hope that she heals nicely! Love the photos of the kids on the logs. You have had an eventful last few days that's for sure! Life is never boring when kids are around! lol!

    1. I'll have to post a picture of her finger, it is healing so well, I'm so relieved! She really is a trooper, young kids are so resilient! Amazing.