Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Catching Up

RAWR - I'm a velociraptor!

So goofy!

Sweet sibling time
 In typical PAC NW style, we had a few gorgeous days, followed by windy, stormy days, followed by today - slightly windy, but so sunny and beautiful. The above pictures were taken the day after our trip to the beach. It was so nice for the kids to have an extra day of sun and water play - it was supposed to be raining already! By late afternoon, I found these two having the sweetest conversation, though now I can't even remember what it was about! I was so much more focused on the sweetness of the moment.

Saturday morning was cooling down quickly, and I "had" to make cinnamon rolls, mmmmm. I make 90 minute cinnamon rolls, they are so good, and really take only 90 minutes to make! 

By Sunday, we had pretty strong wind and rain. That cloud in the above picture? Not a true cloud, but a cloud of rain being blown around. It's difficult to show the wind in a picture, but I think you can see it pretty well in the picture below. The branches are generally more upright. I do love rainy, windy weather, it forces us inside and automatically provides a cozy atmosphere, demanding hot coffee, yummy food, and crafts, which was perfect for Sunday. We have school on Sundays, after church, as we take weekends on Dad's days off - so right now our weekends are Monday and Tuesday. Still, it's Sunday, and who really wants to do schoolwork on Sundays? Not us, we like continuing the mood leftover from Sunday morning - good preaching from our wonderful Pastor, with some sweet fellowship time after, followed by something the kids may like especially for lunch, then for school, we read, do crafts, and write stories. It makes for a very pleasant day, especially when the older boys find something crafty to do.

This was a quick craft - I have an aunt who is having heart problems and has been repeatedly in the hospital. I'm terrible about sending cards, but had the kids make her some, and I even got this stitched up for her. I need to finish and mail it later.

Aidan got out the perler beads, and made this Boba Fett for dad - it even was "May the 4th", a Star Wars Geek holiday - as in, "May the 4th Be With You", and yes, it's a real thing! David loved it, and is going to hang it from his rear view mirror.

Alan helped me on a project for Amelia, based off this button snake I saw on Pinterest. It was such a fun idea for developing motor skills, and Amelia loves threading beads already. I thought a book with a pocket would be cute and provide a place to store the pieces. I liked the idea of circles (which is where Alan came in, and he had to figure out the best way -for him- to cut circles) which brought to mind a caterpillar, which brought to mind grass and then flowers. The flowers are a little trickier for Amelia to put on, since they're not loose on a ribbon. I was hoping this wasn't one of those ideas that was cute, then be done once and set aside and it isn't! She's put it together and taken it apart several times.

pacman rock

Yesterday, David and I had secured grandma and grandpa (my parents) for babysitting the three younger kids, so we could get some grocery shopping done after an appointment with the chiropractor. Well, somewhere the lines of  communication crossed, and David thought we were going out of town for the day, to Longview, about an hour away. A day alone together sounded pretty good, so after checking with grandma and grandpa, we got some coffee and set off. There was little traffic and the weather was beautiful again, making for a pleasant drive. First, we stopped in a Goodwill (of course), and found some good stuff. For one, I was able to replace my Farmer Boy book - I realized while reading it this last winter, that mine is missing the last two pages! They had only one of the Little House books, and it was actually the one I needed! I really liked the candelabra, and will likely paint it white.  I was able to add to my diminishing stack of white dinner plates - we use smaller than standard size in an effort to teach our kids (and ourselves) appropriate portion size, though it's still too easy to pile food on them! I also found this old platter. I don't have a lot of blue in my kitchen, but I found this to be pretty. I tried doing a bit of google research, and can't find anything about it's history. The back says "Bhroem & Leigh, Burslem, England". I did find Burslem, England, and there has been a lot of pottery made there, but found zero on this one! After Goodwill, we had lunch at Applebees, and it was so good, mmmm. We both had steak, his with garlic mashed potatoes and veggies, mine had cheese/artichoke filled portobello mushroom and roasted red potatoes. Yum! Afterward was some more standard shopping - undies, t-shirts, and a few goodies for the kids. It's amazing how quickly the day disappears when having such a good time, but before we knew it, evening was upon us. We gathered up the Littles, who had had their own lovely time with fantastic grandparents - and had found many pretty rocks, including one that looked like an egg and a pacman. We bought dinner for the kids (we were still plenty full!!), then watched a surprisingly good family movie - The Lost Medallion - on Netflix. When it was done, Emma and Owen went to bed. Mia was weaned not too long ago, and since then her nightly habit is to crawl on my lap, tell me, "I tired", curl up, and fall asleep. I *should* probably train her to fall asleep in her own bed, but at my age she could be the last one, so forget it! I want to enjoy every last bit of sweet  baby snuggles. The older boys (who had a full afternoon of video gaming and munchies to themselves) and we watched The Blacklist, before heading off to bed ourselves. Monday is supposed to be our family work day and we got no work done, but it's been so long since we've taken a whole day off, I think we all feel better for it.


  1. This is a lovely pist full of happy things. I love the fourth photo from the top. Well done for capturing such a sweet moment. And I think that little embroidery you've made for your aunt is so pretty. I hope she's feeling better. It's my father in law's birthday on May the 4th. He's not a Star Wars fan but my busband like to give him the 'May the fourth be with you' greeting everytime and they always have a good laugh.The button snake is a brilliant idea and it's great to get Alan to help with making it. It's a clever way to get them both to learn and develop skills. And oh, I love that candelabra too. What a great find! And glad you had some lovely time together, just you and your husband. Have a grwat week! x

  2. Sorry, I meant 'post' there. x

    1. It has been a very good several days! We just hadn't realized how long it had been since we'd gone out alone! We joke that going grocery shopping alone is a date, but it's kind of been true - not good, lol!

  3. You are such a creative mother! I love all the memories you and your husband make with the children. You captured the storm perfectly.

    1. Thank you so much! Living in this time of blogging is so wonderful, getting to glean ideas from others, and sharing!