Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pretty Parcels

Just a quick post (really!). I've received several beautiful things recently, and I wanted to show them off a bit while I'm trying desperately to hurry up and finish my other projects. These papers are the ones I won in Yvonne's giveaway from Flow, and then she added the adorable tags. Now to decide what to do with them! I'm thinking the tags would be wonderful made into a pom pom garland for my girls' room, and the papers into a bunting for my lonely inspiration board in my sewing area.

This little guy is beyond adorable!

This parcel is from Cerri, from The Little Pink Studio, and although I ordered and paid for this one, she fills her orders so beautifully that they still feel exactly like a gift!

I love the bright colors!

This parcel is the most meaningful one - blogging is not what automatically comes to mind when making friends, but it turns out to be an excellent way to do just that! It's so fun to find like-minded people all over the world. This one is from my new friend, Marion, from my two girls (hubby and I think it would be really awesome to meet them when we finally get to go to England!). I had a far better picture of these beautiful treasures, it included the wonderful packaging, too, but when I sat down to post this, I realized the pictures are just not on my camera! I don't know who messed with mom's camera, but someone sure did! And since we had to quickly clean the living room for a birthday dinner a couple days ago, I'm not sure where I put the pretty tissue paper. This picture just doesn't do these items justice. The bobbin tin is such a beautiful grey, the fabric tapes are so pretty - I'm thinking to use the bright pink one for my little paper bunting. The owl now resides on my inspiration board - cheering me on to brighten up that board! Thank you, Marion!! I have something in the works for you, too!


  1. Hi Michelle! Don't worry about the missing photos. I'm just super glad you lik the little presents I sent you.:) I'm a bit envious of your giveaway win--those papers are gorgeous and those tags are so PRETTY! They'd definitely make a beautiful garland. And I wish the things I buy online would come beautifully wrapped like yours from Cerri and full of lovely extra gifts...Enjoy your beautiful things and we wish you and your family
    a very happy Easter! x

    1. Thanks - I found the beautiful card you sent literally when I walked out of the room after posting this!! Too funny. I am excited about putting together a package for you - Emma is helping, too!