Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fairy Garden

I feel sorry for the occupants of this house!  Pretty huge snail.

Emma spent a couple nights with my mom and dad, and together made this bit of a fairy garden. I'm sure we'll have fun tweaking and playing around with it. I didn't get a great shot, but there is a little bird bath on the bottom left, and a rake behind the chair.  Emma had a great time - we are very fortunate that my parents are very involved grandparents, and live only five minutes away from us. She always comes home with too much stuff, mostly artsy stuff and jewelry, but she deserves it! It was also nice to have something to quickly post, though I am finishing up a couple things house-wise that I can finally post soon. I'm still in the depths of our Giant Spring Clean and Fix Up (because I'm doing more than the standard sort-and-scrub), but have been sick for the eleventy-billionth time in the last several months! I got a new cold from Poor Hubby, who had a nasty cold that went straight to a tummy bug. He went to work this morning feeling doubtful, went in, threw up, came home, went to bed and slept a Very Long Time. Now he is playing a game on my tablet, still looking miserable. I really, really, REALLY, hope we can be done with sickness soon. The weather is improving steadily, doors and windows being left open for a bit every day, and as soon as I am done inside, I can begin outside work, and I really can't wait!! 


  1. Emma's fairy garden is so sweet! My girls would love it especially Markie who's currently into fairies and princesses. Tell Emma she's done a great job! I hope you'll feel better soon. Being ill is so tiresome, especially when there are lots of jobs waiting for you to do. Take care. I'll email you the recipe for polenta cake soon! x

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I never tried this one before and I think I can make one this morning. My kids will surely love to try your fairy garden. Awesome!

    Sebastian of
    Granny Flat Super Store

    1. My daughter really enjoyed it, I hope your kids do, too!! Thank you for stopping by!