Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter and a Baby

Ha! Judging from this guy's smile, he thought he was safe, after making it through the potluck.
 We had a lovely Easter, even the weather was beautiful! First, our church had a breakfast potluck with some yummy food. I made my version of the Pioneer Woman's blueberry lemon sweet rolls. I am impatient, and use a 90 minute cinnamon roll recipe for the actual rolls, then use her recipe for the filling and glaze. So seriously yummy!! I also made an egg casserole that I fell in love with. One of the ladies at church asked for the roll recipe, and amazingly, I copied it and left it in her box on Wednesday - I can tell you that this is a huge feat for me, I am so good at forgetting! After breakfast together, we went up to hear the choir's cantata, with our pastor's message interspersed. It was really lovely.

David worked on Sunday, so we left the egg coloring for after church, to give the kids something to fill the time with -  I wanted to give out baskets and hide eggs when dad was home, so he could get in on the fun, too.

I did not sew any dresses this year, and only bought these the day before Easter! While getting clothes together on Saturday, I realized the girls really had no nice springy dresses that fit anymore, they've grown so much. Emma had no nice shoes, either, so we found pink ones she really liked, then found the same pair in Amelia's size. Emma insisted we get them matching shoes. I love that she wants to match - I hated my sister so much as a kid that I never wanted anything close to matching. Makes me sad to remember. Both of us have been far more successful in raising kids who not only love each other, but like each other. Yes, there are squabbles, but there is far more friendliness, camaraderie, and affection.

Most of my attempts to photograph Owen came out like this, he was darting around so fast!
Owen had a fabulous time, running all over, no method to his searching, pure joy every time he found an egg. Aidan and Alan hid the eggs, under dad's direction. David had just been in a fight with an inmate the day before, and was having a difficult time moving. He actually ended up home for a couple days beyond his normal days off. He's just gone back in to work this morning. I tell you what. I wish the general public could see what inmates are like! Not all, of course, there are many who are simply struggling with drug and alcohol abuse/addiction, or mental illness,  but many are just amazingly childish. This one in particular simply didn't want to go back to his cell and had a tantrum. I am hoping that David will eventually write a book.

Back to Easter, I've learned to scale back on the basket goodies - for years we struggled financially, so I learned to start putting candy and toys aside and build them up. The night before Easter, I'd pull everything out to put the baskets together, and realize I had an insanely huge amount of stuff! Nobody needed that much candy, it wasn't Christmas, it was just nuts. This year everyone got one little toy and a bit of candy. Oddly enough, everyone was very happy.

On to other news, I'm going to be a grandma!! My oldest daughter and her boyfriend are having a baby in November. She had her first ultrasound yesterday and got to see her very wiggly baby. She is nine weeks along and doing pretty well physically. I am happy for her, because I get extremely sick for quite a while with each one. This was definitely not planned, but babies are to be celebrated, and I've seen more than one relationship start off the "wrong" way and do really well. Rachel's boyfriend,  Martae is still rather new to us, but we absolutely love him. He is from Chicago and had a very rough youth. I am praying that we are who God needs us to be in his life. Why else would he have made it all the way to our tiny hick town, hahaha? He treats Rachel wonderfully, and is excited about their baby. I have to really laugh - my daughter finds a young black man from Chicago (not the usual logger/fisherman type you would find locally), and of all things, he wants to be a cop!  To explain why that's funny, my dad is retired State Police, who comes from a long line of policemen, Rachel's dad met her stepmother at the State Police Academy (mhm, we were still married, he also drives trucks now), her stepmother is still with OSP, a detective now, and my husband has been in law enforcement since college (City Police,then computer/desk job with OSP, then jail deputy - this is the one he will retire with, he really likes it), and Rachel has said she is not going to marry a cop. Not that marriage has necessarily been talked about yet, but, who knows. No matter what, we are all excited for a new baby, and watching these two become parents.

This is going to be a beautiful baby!! 


  1. You and your family certainly had a lovely Easter! The rolls look yummy- that one in the photo does have a smiley face:) Your girls' dresses are pretty, well done for getting them all, including matching shoes just the day before Easter. They all look so lovely!.. I know what you mean about the kids getting too much sweets. The girls got lots of chocolate eggs this year, too much actually. It will take us all awhile to eat them all
    even with my husband and I helping out. I think I might use some of them for baking. Anyway, the baby news is wonderful! Congratulations to your daughter and her partner. As they say, there's always enough love to go around. x

  2. Hi!
    You visited my blog and left a sweet comment about my DIY industrial Lighting and your hubby. :) Thank you-- we have a lot going on in house hold. He is retired and suffered a heart attack and stroke shortly after retiring. He's improved so much-- but sometimes his abstract thinking is wonky! So projects are difficult-- I just tell him how I'd like it and take what I get really. I'm happy for your news-- I know the excitement you must have about a grandbaby... I remember when I first heard the news. My daughter was a young Momma too. She became pregnant at 16, had the baby when she was 17 and waited 10 mos. before finally agreeing to marry 'Daddy' but my how she grew up during that time. He did too-- and they've been married going on 6 yrs. She just graduated college and is a nurse. They also have a 2nd son... God was truly not surprised by all of that. Sometimes we forget His Grace and/or worry about what others may make of our 'troubles'. The main thing is that you continue to be a Light in the darkness to all those who pass by your way. That's the best way to make it through. When we shine a Light On Christ-- others can see the way. Many many blessing to you and your family and to Momma and Daddy.