Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Beautiful Day

The Peter Iredale

running from the waves

The waves were huge - check out that mist!

Hmmm, ladybugs at the beach!

This is how geeks play at the beach! 

The temperature today was in the 80's here! So hot for us - a little *too* hot for me. My carpal tunnel and the heat are not friends. Yesterday I couldn't do anything with my hands, and it stunk. I was worried about today, because yesterday wasn't even as hot, but David saved the day. After taking the kids to lunch at Dairy Queen, we took the kids to the beach, where it was still warm, but had such a wonderful breeze! It wasn't too crowded, which was so nice. We live very near the coast - this is Fort Stevens, about 15 minutes from our home. At this spot, what's left of a ship, The Peter Iredale, sits. It's amazing to know how much of it has deteriorated just in our lifetime. I can remember playing around it as a kid, when it was still so much bigger. I  wonder if it will completely erode in our lifetime. The ship was named after  Peter Iredale, who owned a shipping company in Liverpool, England. It was built in 1890, and crashed ashore during a foggy storm in 1906. The kids had such a good time running back and forth, building more of a moat around an island than a castle. We brought plastic cups, candy molds, bowls, and buckets. They made designs more than structures. Owen buried his legs, though not too deep. He and Amelia loved running into, then from the waves. Aidan had brought an action figure, and he and David took some pictures that came out looking surprisingly real. Geeks. About the time Alan could barely keep himself from fully jumping in ( I do sympathize with the temptation!), we had to go home, where we cleaned up and got ready for AWANA (a children's club at church). The weather was still so nice, Owen's teacher (who I help) took the class outside. Before too long, the other classes followed suit. David teaches Aidan's class, and they found a a huge, leafy tree to sit under. All the kids loved being outside after all the rainy cold we've had! Afterward, we had our favorite pizza for a late dinner. Mmm, so good!!  I believe we are actually due for more rain this weekend, but we've had a lovely few days to tuck away in our memories!


  1. Lovely photos of a beautiful day. Those action figures look so real--well done to your boys!

    1. I posted some more of the action figure photos on facebook - one friend thought they were of someone in a costume! Oh, one of the boys is my husband, hahaha!