Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sunshine and Knitting

We've started the tear down on our porch! 

This girl loves her bunny ears!

Love when they play together so sweetly!

I just wanted to leave a quick post while I was thinking about it - I "plan" on posting old and new projects, so I have some evidence of those things I've actually completed in the past! I do wish I'd taken the time when I was young to snap a picture of the things I crocheted long ago, as so much of what I have made were gifts. In our Spring Cleaning endeavors, this green sweater was mistakenly thrown into the dryer. It is wool, and I had the tiniest bit of a panic attack when I pulled it out. This was my very first knitting project, which I very trepidatiously began when child #3 was little, got a few rows into, put aside, then finished up when #4 was a baby. The fact that my first project was a cable knit describes me almost exactly. This is, though, probably the first pattern that I followed without changing anything. The cabling came out a bit tight, now made tighter by it's adventure in the dryer, but I really like the pattern, and keep meaning to make more. I'd better get on that this summer! This sweater has now been worn by Littles #4, 5, 6, and 7, which is so great. I do wish I'd learned to knit when I was younger. I love crochet, but have always favored knit for clothing. When I was young I just thought it was too hard to learn.
The weather outside is so beautiful today, Alan and Emma were sweet and went to play dinosaurs in the backyard with Owen. This is his very favorite thing to play right now, and although his older siblings are happy to do this for a while, everyone in the neighborhood can probably hear when Owen's been told they're done for now. The howls of that kid! Fortunately, he recovers pretty quickly. That being said, I'd better get to work, and not waste this weather! As you can see from the first picture, we've begun ripping our porch apart, checking how much exactly will need to be replaced. The posts are good! The framing is good! Those are both a bit of a relief, though the front of our house will be "super pretty" for several months, hahaha. Oh well, by the end of summer all should be well. Today is more inside cleaning, but maybe this weather will continue? Then we can move to outside work that much sooner! I really do want to get the backyard worked on this year!!

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