Saturday, March 8, 2014


I'm so buried under Spring Cleaning that I don't have my own story, news, or projects to share, so I'll share my sister's. In brief (very brief, for more, my sister's blog is in my list - her family is wonderful, and the last couple years have been truly amazing), my second oldest niece was diagnosed with Leukemia almost two years ago. She has since been declared cancer free, and along the way she was nominated for Make A Wish. Her truest wish was for her whole family to get to go to London, but they are a large family (12 kids), and so doubted they would get that one. Well, THEY DID!!! I'm so excited for them, and not a little envious! David and I are planning our own trip to England, but not for five years -  we never took a honeymoon and figure our 20 year anniversary would be a good time for a nice trip. Although I don't know if more babies are in our future, at this point our littlest will be 7 at that point (better not dwell on that! Tears will begin flowing and never stop!! Okay, smart aleck daughter just had to point out how old everyone else will be, too. Brat.).  We ourselves don't have anywhere specific in mind, though it would be kind of cool to visit Highclere Castle. For the most part, we would like a non-touristy trip, but, there are touristy places to consider - Port Isaac, as we are Doc Martin fans.   We have plenty of time to plan, and now will have some recommendations to consider, too! I know five years will zip by, time just does, but I get so antsy about it! I think I am almost as excited as my sister's family is about their trip. They still have a few months before they go, but I can't wait to hear all about their adventure! 

These are my sister's pictures, this is my beautiful niece, Anna - her hair is growing in cute and curly!

I should point out that she doesn't really get to meet the Queen, this was just their fun way of informing the family of their exciting news!


  1. That's amazing, wonderful news!! Your sister, niece and their whole family will have an amazing time in London!
    Marion x

  2. We are SUPER excited! I couldn't sleep last night as I considered logistics of travel with 14 of us! We are looking at luggage, strollers, diaper bags, etc. I'm even thinking of little treats to surprise my younger ones with once they get on the plane! I didn't realize you were planning a trip there! How exciting! This will be my first trip overseas!

    1. Whew! Traveling will be an adventure in itself! Yes, the Hillards originally came from England, and we love so many shows made in England, that we have been talking about it off and on, then recently decided that our 20 year anniversary would be a good time. We'll have time to save up, the kids will be older - it will be nice to go with just the two of us, though I suspect once we're there, we'll wish we had the kids, lol! By the way, Emily, meet Marion, one of my new blog friends who LIVES in England!!

  3. How wonderful! That's brilliant, and how great that the whole family can go. And I'm really happy that your niece is cancer free, of course! x