Wednesday, March 19, 2014


My sister and her family are in town for a few days, sadly because my brother in law's father passed away this past Friday. They are here making arrangements, and the funeral is tomorrow, but last night they got to take a break and meet with us and our parents for dinner at our favorite chinese food place. It might not look like much, but their food is so good - and knowing different people who have delivered there for many years, I know they have always had the cleanest kitchen, too! One of those people was my brother in law, who delivered Pepsi to them when he was young. He has been a pastor now for many years. And is no longer "young", heehee. Of course, he's one of the people I didn't get a picture of. Actually, I didn't get a picture of anybody, fortunately I'm married to a smart guy and he remembered to get a few shots!

Here's some of the girl cousins, taking a cute picture above, and showing their true selves, below!

These were both good ones, I couldn't decide, so I posted both.

Owen was ready for a goofy one, apparently nobody else was.

Zeke and Owen being sweet above, goofy (though blurry) below.

My sister, Emily, above, holding her littlest, Tirzah. 

Selah and Amelia being sweet and hugging each other - this was a hard won hug, they didn't really even want to look at each other for a good long time! They were finally forced to sit next to each other when the food came, and before we knew it, they were buds. Below, some Cringe-worthy Cuteness, rolling around on the floor together. Yum, 'cause no matter how clean the kitchen is, restaurant carpet is restaurant carpet. 

We had a really wonderful time together, knowing Larry is in rejoicing in heaven takes much of the sting out of his passing, but if you think about them, could you take a moment to pray for my sister's family? My husband's father died almost two years ago (coming up in April) and grown men still miss their dads! 


  1. This is such a joyful get together (inspite meeting in sad circumstances). I like the photos of the kids, so cute!
    Btw, can I ask for your email address? I forgot to ask last time. Sorry.
    Marion x

    1. The funeral was very nice, so many wonderful memories shared, I'll post more later. My email is, I can't wait to hear from you!

  2. It was a good time, I am so glad we got to do it! Wish we could more often...just under happier circumstances!