Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Birthday

Well, yesterday this girl turned 9 on me. *Sigh* It was an odd day, and we took zero pictures, so I snapped this one this morning. We are having a party for her next Saturday, so there will be more then. Yesterday was my birthday, also. I turned 41, which feels like absolutely nothing. So weird. 40 left me feeling rather gutted, I have an idea that from now on, only the "big" ones will feel like much.  Hubby bought me a sweet ceramic owl and I ordered myself a yarn winder. I've seen  Lucy's, and it looks like something very useful, that even the kids can help with. We did have snow, though unfortunately it came the day I should have been doing our big monthly grocery shopping, so I confess to feeling more stressed out than I should have. Hubby was able to go to the store and get some things, so really, we were fine. He was even able to get Emma a couple presents that she really liked. She now has her very own Hello Kitty headphones for playing minecraft, and watching videos. One of her favorites is My Froggy Stuff. That lady is seriously awesome and creative! She makes me feel like a craft moron - though not in a feel sorry for myself way, just in an excited, "That is so simple, how have I not thought of it?" way.  Seriously good stuff.

 Getting this much snow is so cool. I absolutely envy people who get winters so snowy and winter-y that they can get really and truly tired of it. To me, that just makes spring so much sweeter when it comes. I am very grateful for the snow we have received this year. We do get made fun of, because we shut down with such a small amount of snow, but truth be told, we apparently have little, if any sanding or clearing of our roads. We have a lot of trees, keeping stretches of road very icy, and that combined with so many of us being inexperienced at driving in it, make for a rather poor combination. Fortunately, too, my five kids still at home are homeschooled, so there are no real snow days. Just snuggly, lazy mornings, waiting for the house to warm up, some lessons, cocoa, movies or Little House on the Prairie being read. The older three went out a bit this round of snow to play with a neighbor kid, but mostly this time was spent indoors. I'm still putting our house in order.

We've had the sweetest birds on our porch, picking at all the spiders and spider sacs, which makes me adore them even more! The kids are enjoying watching me try to get a good picture of them, as they (the birds) seem to take great delight in taunting me. The birds will land so close to me, but in the time it takes me to "sneakily" point the camera at them, they are gone!

 I think I've posted some pictures of this little family, I can't remember now. This momma and her two babies live in our neighborhood, regularly spending days in our yard. This picture of the babies is terrible, but they were so sweetly nuzzling each other that I had to post it, anyway. As wonderful is it is to watch them grow, we really do want to put a garden in this year, and they concern me greatly as to the success of our attempts. Hopefully we'll figure something out. They can jump so much higher than most people realize, I'm wondering if hanging buntings or something higher than the fence will dissuade them at all. I guess only trial and error will really show us!

 I have kids baking and cooking, such a wonderful thing! These were Alan's first cookies that he baked completely unassisted. Next day Emma made blueberry muffins, but by the time I remembered that I should take a picture, they had been devoured. She kept asking how they were, and Alan, trying to be an unimpressed stinker, said in a completely underwhelmed tone , "They're fine! They taste just like mom's. Therefore, he unintentionally gave Emma the best compliment he could - she very excitedly said, "THANK YOU! THAT'S A GREAT COMPLIMENT!!" And Alan then realized what he had done.

 Well, here is one project I can check off! Terrible pictures, but a step in the right direction! See the floor in the before picture? Amelia dumped a can of paint there, and I didn't know soon enough to get at it while still wet. Looks awful, fortunately, refinishing the whole living room floor is still on our to do list, and not something we now have to redo! There is a bench there, now, so it doesn't show. This buffet table was given to my by my mom. She had it for years and hated it. It had been given to her when she and my dad were young. It used to be black lacquer with giant gold knobs. I painted it the beige color, and used it to store fabric (also visible in the before picture, and waiting to be re-homed). In my kitchen/sewing room, it just was the perfect place for everyone to dump stuff on, which everyone of us did, happily and repeatedly. I thought about selling it, so I gave it some fresh paint and handles that I already had. Then I wanted to keep it - isn't that how it goes? Then I realized I did have the perfect place for it!

We just started working on our laundry room this last summer, redoing our shower. Yep, shower. In the laundry room. It doesn't strike me as weird anymore, but it still is to others. It is a fantastic place for one, though, as we have only one bathroom. Anyway, we will be removing the door behind it, so even though it looks weirdly placed now, it won't stay that way. This little room has two doors, and this one goes to the side of our yard, to nothing in particular. Our kitchen, however, has no back door. How weird. We will be putting one in. I really can't wait, though am really trying to be patient. This year our money and efforts will be focused on the front porch, which isn't a "for fun" job. It's very much a "need to do". Then fixing up the room above it for my 13 year old boy. I'm very excited about this room, hubby and I have put our heads together, and with Aidan's input, are coming up with a fun design.The room itself is tiny, but whoever gets the room, gets "their own" room, so the size is worth it to them!
Emma and I had planned on watching Little Women yesterday, and working on a pom pom wreath. I can't find the blog that has the one I really like, but I'll keep looking. It's one of the anthropologie inspired wreaths. Also, I'm making two of these wreaths, one circular, and one heart shaped. So, hopefully, I'll have those ready to share tomorrow! We'll see, I tend to be someone who plans to do something, and end up doing a million thing except for the one thing I wanted to do. I'm sure God's trying to teach me something in it, but most likely it is be keep working on becoming better organized!


  1. Belated happy birthday to you and your daughter! Hope you both got lots of love and presents. The yarn winder wounds very useful-have fun using it!
    It's fantastic that your kids can bake. Those cookies look yummy!
    Good luck to all the home improvement jobs. I like the new look of your buffet table, especially the handles.
    Have a lovely week!
    Marion x

    1. Thank you! The cookies were so good, he did himself proud! My husband's co-workers will be happy to have multiple people sending in baked goods!