Monday, February 24, 2014

Life This Week

Well, I've only gotten one of my wreaths made, but that is one I can check off my list, hahaha! And, even though it's a heart, I think I can and will leave this one up for a while. Fortunately love is year round, right? Right. I will always wish I was super organized and could knock out every project I wanted to when I wanted to, but that isn't likely to happen any time soon.  Projects here seem to drag on and on and on. Note the drill on the piano, below. This was for Emma's birthday party, because, yes, in this house we decorate with power tools! 

 I did knock this cake out pretty quickly, though I forgot to get the pupils on the eyes - oops. Still, it turned out pretty well, and Emma was very happy with it. This is literally the only picture of her party that I took! I just completely spaced the rest of the party. I spent too much time visiting with my cousin, whose daughter came. It was a funny party, we just had three girls over, then all four disappeared upstairs. Meanwhile, we had a bunch of guys playing xbox in the living room, including two nephews who live down the road from us, but didn't realize we were having a party that day. They showed up to play with my sons and scored game time with cake and ice cream! 

By the next weekend, we were all coming down with colds - note the pink cheeks on everyone! Also note that I did not include a pic of myself - one of the benefits of this being my blog. I don't have to post pics of myself - I don't look as cute as these poor sweeties do.

We all stayed home from church yesterday and sat around watching tv, then in the evening Emma remembered that we keep wanting to try straw curls to see if she can get some Merida hair.

Amelia had to get in on it, too. I only did a few, but was still so surprised that she sat for me and left them in for quite a while! 

This was the best picture I could get of her once the straws were out, she was getting so tired and grumpy, she kept squirming and whining, "No Picture!". 

 Emma slept in hers, so I asked one of the boys to get a chunk of fabric for me to wrap her head in. Alan originally brought out this vintage pink stuff, that was too slippery for all night, but we wrapped her up for a picture. She said she felt like an old lady who would be grumpily yelling at kids to get off her lawn! She went around scolding everyone for a while, it was so funny and cute. Goofy girl!

This is right after taking the straws out, and separating the curls a bit.

 Here's after they've had some time to relax. She's loving her hair, I need to get some product now to help it stay in even longer, as her hair is not fond of staying curly.

 Spring is in the air, (which I believe is a season in itself here in the PNW) and our evening skies have been beautiful. We get very little snow, so there isn't a long period of getting tired of snow, and wondering when it will finally be done. There is only a season consisting of several months of cold, wet, muddiness. Which leads into spring, which means warmish, wet muddiness.  Fortunately, it's a beautiful time. Unfortunately, the mud is always finding it's way into the house. We're beginning Spring Cleaning, without ever having finished the post Christmas Winter Cleaning. The cold and wet lead to things getting moldy and generally icky in our old house. We're all too tired to fully jump in, but will start small. I can't wait for things to smell good and clean! I can't wait for one full month of everybody being healthy, although I don't really mind small illnesses. I do like the days of everyone snuggled up together, but enough is enough. Time to get moving again. Snuggly days are truly more enjoyable when they are a genuine day off from a busy week, and not a "break" from a sick week!


  1. Hi Michelle! Love your heart wreath and that cake looks amazing! Love your girls' curls too. So cute!
    What you said about christmas winter cleaning overlapping with spring cleaning made me laugh. It's the same here with us. Boxes of Christmas decorations have been sitting in the hallway since January. We've finally managed to put them back in the loft last weekend-hurray! :)
    Take care!
    Marion x

  2. I've always envied your craftiness!! I remember curler days when we were little, though no straw curlers! fun!! Your kiddos are looking way too old! I have plans for some much needed spring cleaning as well! Already bought boatloads of Lysol lemon scented spray cleaner for a fresh smell in the house!