Saturday, January 11, 2014

Everything Comes in Threes, Right?

Christmas was really Un-Christmas-like this year. We all got pinkeye. I wouldn't think pinkeye would send a household into such a tizzy, but with five kids still at home, we were a mess. So much cleaning, sanitizing, watching where everyone puts their hands. We had to cancel our family Christmas party, had to miss out on everything our church did. I just realized that we missed church from the week the tree went up, and I'm sure has now been taken down! Never got to see it all prettied up for the holidays. Didn't get to go for the choir's cantata. Bummer. I'll do a post on Christmas later, though. I was actually sure we got through safely, only one kid had it. Then, BAM. We all took turns.

 My family is too polite that way. We don't all scramble in, making sure everybody gets their "fair share" of illness. No way. Every last one prefers to wait their turn. Immediately after the pinkeye was the flu/cold thing going around here. This Thursday came, we all were finally really feeling better, only hubby has the last bits of a cough, and I just have this feeling like something else is coming. Not really because "everything comes in threes", I'm not really superstitious! Friday we knew a big storm was coming, and after seeing our cats were almost out of food, decided to bundle Amelia up and make a quick trip to the store. She went down the walkway and headed to the van. I followed, went down the porch stairs, and stepped "just right" on the hose that someone left across the walkway. My ankle turned, and I landed on my face. I've sprained my other ankle twice before, so I knew exactly what had just happened! I lay there in pain, laughing at myself and completely frustrated at the same time. I mean, I just moved a buffet table that had been holding fabric into the living room and emptied it in the living room. I moved a bench out there, and a desk. It's January - moving stuff around time, and now I can't walk!! So thankful for a patient, helpful husband, and helpful children. My oldest son and daughter living a street over is very nice, too. Rachel took the two youngest to the store for the few things I needed.David made dinner and bought some pre-made freezer food for the kids to make for lunch today. 

I slept on the couch with Amelia, she's pretty snuggly and sweet. Emma woke up with a sore ear, and she ended up in my bed with dad. It was an odd night, what with the massive storm we were having, too! Normally I love storms, but it was a tad loud being so close to the porch. I realized too late there were things I should have put into the garage. Oh well. Hopefully I can find anything that got blown off!
Sweet Amelia kisses. She's such a goofball! And such a love - as soon as anybody asks for something, she does her best to get it. On the flip side, she's got a pretty hot temper, too! She can let loose something fierce, followed by apologies, hugs and more kisses.


  1. Hi Michelle - thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm sorry you and your family were ill over Christmas, and I hope your ankle is better. Things always happen at once, don't they? I tried really hard to like the US version of Sherlock (I think Lucy Liu is great) but I think Benedict Cumberbatch is the best Sherlock I've seen in ages!

    1. I really enjoy your blog so much, thank you for stopping by mine! Yep, I gave the US version a shot for my husband, but it just isn't Sherlock. Jonny Lee Miller strikes me as someone acting like what they think he would be like, where Benedict Cumberbatch just *is* Sherlock.