Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Teased by Snow

We had a short celebration yesterday, when we were teased by the hope of snow. The weather has been very cold, the weather people said we may get a bit of snow, and we were all Very Hopeful People. In the afternoon, while my boys were loading firewood, a massive hailstorm began. Coats were scrambled for, spirits were high, and we all went out to enjoy what brief whiteness we had, including a neighbor boy, below. Alan, my 10 year old, couldn't believe how happy freezing whiteness made me, as I was grinning hugely through the whole downpour of icy little balls. Sadly, it melted off too soon. 

There is still quite a chill in the air, everybody is wanting in to be warm.

 Everybody has their favorite spots- Luna, above, claimed this spot years ago. From the first bit of truly cold weather, until spring, she can be found curled up on top of the tv cabinet. From spring through summer, she is barely seen in the house. The coloring is weird in this picture, but Delilah, below, blends in quite nicely between the wall and wood stove. There she is warm and safe from the not-quite-two year old.

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