Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Christmas

(I went back and edited this post - I was trying to play catch up while sick over Christmas. Not a good idea!) Before I put together what we did/didn't do this year, I wanted to finally put something down about last year. I can't even remember most of Christmas Day, I'll have to see if someone here can jog my memory - I'm not even sure where pictures are stored. Ugh. One of the many reasons I wanted to get back into blogging after deleting my old blog. I stink at getting pictures printed out, I don't scrapbook, blogging is perfect for me! Moving along, last year I actually signed up for my first swap, through Little Pink Studio. Apparently I never took pictures of the stuff I filled it with. Bummer. My partner was Tamatha, from  snipsandthreads (she just posted on this swap, too - I don't feel so bad, haha! She also has great pictures of everything on her blog).   I filled her stocking with  locally roasted coffee samples, local chocolates, some vintage Christmas tags I scored at Goodwill, vintage trims, vintage snowman and candy cane patches, and I made her an ornament from an old cookie cutter with an an angel in it.  I made my partner's stocking out of an old chenille blanket, old doily, and some old buttons. I really like it, and looking back at it, may have to make myself one- I still have another doily with the red and white flip-flopped. 

 Upon opening my stocking, I laughed a bit - our fillers were so much alike. I kicked myself because I actually even had one of those snowmen with white cocoa in my hands before sending it off. I had so much fun with this swap! I admit, I was concerned about there being "enough" in it, and whether or not it would be "good enough",  so it was truly a relief to see that it was. Of course, I could do a million swaps and I think I would always feel that way!

We  made small gingerbread houses, using cookie cutters for the fronts and making patterns for the rest of the house. We've bought the cute little villages before, but they're just so very tiny! We didn't do any this year, the month just zipped by so quickly. Everybody had pinkeye, so I also was trying to keep everybody from touching too many surfaces, foods, etc. I made those glass trees a couple years ago, I did make a few more this year. Now I have plenty and need to leave them be when I spot more at Goodwill! I really like the colored ones. Not great pictures, but I really don't have time to edit at this point in time! Especially with a sick leech-baby. 


  1. Ummm....hello? you can always get those trees for ME!!! I'd LOVE some!!

  2. Of course I would make you some!!! Then I don't have to resist the urge to buy them up at Goodwill, heeheehee!!!