Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fuzzy Morning

 I love waking up to the world being white! This will be a running theme here as long as we have cold weather! Or rather, as long as I continue blogging and have cold weather! I'd likely sleep through some of these mornings, but I have an early riser that makes sure I don't miss them.
 This morning I wished I had a better camera, something I don't normally care about. Or maybe that I knew better how to use the one I have! Everything was covered in icy fuzz. Amelia came out with me, and we walked around while she poked at the tiny spikes.
 When she first came out, I asked her to look up and smile. I didn't get a scowl this time, just this rather wry look. No smiles on demand, little stinker.

 There were a lot of geese out this morning, Amelia really, really, likes birds and loves watching these guys. About the time it seems as though they're leaving for good, they come on back. We actually have quite a few Canada geese around here. We have a lot of birds in general. I keep thinking it would be fun to make some gelatin/bird seed molds, but I haven't done it yet.

By the time my fingers were freezing, the sun was coming out. The fuzz will be melted off too soon, but I sure enjoy my mornings with my little non-smiling stinker head.


  1. I think you did a great job capturing the little "white fuzzies". It must have been beautiful as the sun came up, shining on all those little ice crystals.

  2. Thanks! You're so sweet, I haven't really "put my blog out there", yet - haven't told my family,even, that I'm blogging again, so I frequently feel like I'm talking to you, hahaha!