Thursday, November 28, 2013

So Thankful

Is it too repetitive to say I am thankful that my family is healthy, fed, and warm? Because I am. My two grown children, included. My daughter, Rachel, is spending the day with her dad and step-mom, my oldest son, Scott, is spending the day with us. They live together with a couple of housemates, and though things are not easy, they get their bills paid, have food, electricity, etc.They also live a street over from us, so we're pretty close if they do need anything. Usually coffee and something baked. Sometimes a ride somewhere when gas and money are low.
( Man, this girl does NOT like to smile for pictures!!)The kids here love when they come for a visit, though there is some squabbling out there right now, the guys are playing some new game on the Xbox. *sigh* At least we got to watch the parade first!
Amelia has braided hair today. I love tiny little french braids, though they don't generally last long. Owen wanted very badly to get in on the picture, too. Afterward, he asked, "Did you get one with me in it?" My tablet photo album is filled with "selfies" he's taken. Over and over and over again, so many with just the top of his head, it's so funny. I get to be extremely lazy today, and don't have to cook anything for dinner -  my mom is doing it, and since there will be only us added to them, it isn't any more work for her than any other time they have us over. Time for some deep breathing and planning before I get swamped with making all the Christmas food and treats for people, namely countless cake balls for my husband's co-workers at the jail. This time of year they literally will be chanting for them in the background whenever hubby calls home! 
 This year one of my biggest  "thanks" is for the safe delivery of my newest niece, Tirzah Hope. She wasn't doing well at the end of my sister's very long pregnancy (she goes about three weeks "late" with every single one). This was her first c-section, as baby's heart rate was dropping rather alarmingly. Emily is spending Thanksgiving in the hospital, getting some much needed rest before going home.
My very biggest thanks is that my niece, (my sister's second oldest) has just been declared "free of cancer". This is the best news we all could have gotten! Although we know she is in God's hands, and had she died, she'd happily be in heaven, everybody here would have missed her greatly. She's such a wonderful girl, loves God and people so much. Well, I'm thankful to not have the family(and by "the family", I mean all of us! "Actual" family, church family, etc.) not have to go through grieving. Grieving the loss of loved ones stinks. So Yay! Very happy for her to be home cooking Thanksgiving dinner with her big sister!

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