Friday, November 15, 2013

Grandma's House and One Project Done

This girl was born with her daddy's crazy flexible eyebrows, and loves to use them on everybody. Unfortunately, it's difficult to get a good picture of her raising an eyebrow or giving a truly great scowl.  This is as close as I've gotten so far! Wednesday evenings Amelia gets to go hang out at my parent's house, while the  rest of us go to Awana. Their yard is pictured above, and they have so many mushrooms everywhere. I've only posted some of the pictures, but they are fun to see. I don't know why they strike us as so cute and even magical, but they do! The top one we all agreed looks like a tiny birdbath. 

David had an extra day off on Monday, and even though we had plenty we should have been doing, he asked my parents to take the youngest three kids so we could run off together for the day. We just headed up north to Longview, went to Michael's (David needed more rub-n-buff, makes me giggle that my husband is the one who wanted to go to the craft store, but having a crafty husband does make for a husband sympathetic to my crafty pursuits. Though he isn't fond of the mess- he has the garage for his mess, but my sewing room is really part of the kitchen), Goodwill, and Arby's. We really like Arby's, and don't have one where we live, but as we were leaving, we remembered that Longview has an Applebee's, which we both would have preferred. Man, we were just so tired from so long weeks, that we just weren't thinking. Still, it was really nice to get out alone for a bit. And, I scored a bag of Shiny Brite ornaments for $1.50, love that!! I also got a Santa head mug, though I didn't get a picture of it. 
 I have even gotten one small project done! For the girls's room. I found the pattern in a craft magazine, though it only had one little one in the picture, so I redid it a bit to have Amelia and Emma. I'm planning on finishing up a mobile I started a month ago. I had seen some of the crocheted lampshades on Pinterest, and liked how some of them looked. I made something similar, and wanted small owls hanging from it, then couldn't decide on the pattern for them until I found a Christmas craft magazine with some really cute ones. *Hopefully* I will have that to post this weekend.

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