Monday, November 18, 2013

Goodwill and Crocheted Snowflakes

Here's Miss Scowls When She Spies The Camera enjoying her morning ritual of breakfast and coffee on the couch with Dad before he goes to work. We've been binge watching Doc Martin, since we realized the whole thing was on hulu, and we watch most of one episode before he leaves in the morning. The last two mornings, Amelia has insisted that Daddy take not only his thermos of coffee with him to work, but also her little cup of milk and coffee! Apparently she realizes how tiresome working at a jail can be. 
 I had to go get a few groceries before today's winds kicked up (love windy, stormy weather!!), so I ran into Goodwill first and came away with a few goodies- bags of old trim are one of my favorite finds, I'll have to take some better pictures when I get them properly wound, but there is some great ric rac in there with the lace.
 This little angel is almost, but not quite a bit much for my taste - there was a bell with her that Amelia was given to play with until it finds it's way into the trash.
 Found some more Shiny Brites - this picture really doesn't do justice, the white has a really nice patina to it, but right now I'm more concerned with keeping the blogging ball rolling!
 I love these coasters, not sure what I'll do with them, maybe something bunting related.

 Bird was in with the angel, I think I will add it to the advent calender I really hope to get made this year!
Owen was in need of some new pants, as he had worn most of his others out. It's a wonderful thing to have kids thrilled to bits over thrift store clothes! I love so much that they just don't care where things come from, and are quite frugal already - they will see how much something can cost new and will say, "Never mind, let's see if we can find something like it at Goodwill, or maybe it will go on sale later." 
Last, but not least, I have actually gotten started making some of Lucy's snowflakes! I read the pattern over last year, and though I could see they were super simple, I never got to them. These still need to be blocked, but I am really enjoying them. They are perfect for making while travelling, watching t.v., or helping with schoolwork.

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