Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Bit Ramble-y

It's funny how something so simple as blogging can be such a difficult thing to get back into once you've had to put it aside for a while. I regularly think about it, take pictures for it, take notice of small acts and conversations through the day that I'd like to keep somewhere, and know that I will be sorry that I'm not putting it all together for my family's remembrance, and still, I just don't.  Christmas is coming and we are hosting my husband's annual family party this year, which means I am seeing every little thing that hasn't been done yet around the house, as well as all the extra cleaning I'd like to get done. I'm not caught up in having everything "perfect", but would like to see what I can accomplish. I've accepted long ago that my husband and I are too imperfect and easily put off and distracted for anything close to perfectionb! Then God gave us five more versions of ourselves as a great blessing (joke!). My older two "kids" (from my first marriage- PLEASE God, help us to teach these kids to hear and listen to your voice over any human's voice!) live together a whole street away from us. There was a lot of emotional havoc in our home for many years, things have settled down greatly. My oldest son has also done a lot of Growing Up, which I love. His sweet heart is breaking through hardened walls, he has a job that he really enjoys at a really nice restaurant that I have yet to get a certain husband to take me to, he openly loves on his siblings- all of them.  (And by certain husband, I do mean mine!!) Anyway, my current blogging goal is to at least post the little things I do get done each day, no matter how small. Oh- one of my favorite blogs is back, Cultivating Home, is back. So excited, I love seeing families that actually get a Godly start in life.

Speaking of getting to putting things on here to remember,I'm finally getting a picture from Halloween up, we had a Steampunk theme with the homemade costumes. Emma and Alan both won contests for their age groups, though I felt a *little* bad for Aidan- he and Alan were in the same age group and the final voting was between the two of them! I was sure Aidan won (the voting was by applause- not very reliable, as all you have to do to win is have the most family or loudest family), but the woman in charge announced Alan. Alan was sweet and split the prizes, which consisted of some junk, candy, two gift cards to our favorite local pizza place and some free video rentals. The kids all had fun and  got enough trick or treating in to feel like they had a well-rounded night of it. I'm hoping that by next year we can maybe have a party at home or something. As a christian, halloween has given me some fits over the years- there are so many viewpoints on celebrating it. We had years of trick or treating, years of church parties, years of skipping it, years of having tracts to hand out with the candy- it gets crazy and not a little silly to get so stressed over something that isn't what it used to be. For us, we realized that if we were having a harvest party at church, well, that wasn't us "not" celebrating halloween, that was "how" we celebrated halloween. Also, that when a church has a party that says, "Dress up as your favorite bible character", well, that just isn't terribly fun. Especially when one is married to a sci-fi geek who loves to make really cool costumes. And I am completely opposed to the family going to comic con! Eww. So, we embrace the Modern, Meaningless, Holiday in Which One Gets To Play Dress Up And Acquire Candy version of halloween. No celebrating witches. No celebrating spirits of the dead.

I can't believe I was left alone long enough to get this done! Likely because Saturday is a school day in our house, and the kids all know that when I am finished, they need to hop on and begin work.