Thursday, November 28, 2013

So Thankful

Is it too repetitive to say I am thankful that my family is healthy, fed, and warm? Because I am. My two grown children, included. My daughter, Rachel, is spending the day with her dad and step-mom, my oldest son, Scott, is spending the day with us. They live together with a couple of housemates, and though things are not easy, they get their bills paid, have food, electricity, etc.They also live a street over from us, so we're pretty close if they do need anything. Usually coffee and something baked. Sometimes a ride somewhere when gas and money are low.
( Man, this girl does NOT like to smile for pictures!!)The kids here love when they come for a visit, though there is some squabbling out there right now, the guys are playing some new game on the Xbox. *sigh* At least we got to watch the parade first!
Amelia has braided hair today. I love tiny little french braids, though they don't generally last long. Owen wanted very badly to get in on the picture, too. Afterward, he asked, "Did you get one with me in it?" My tablet photo album is filled with "selfies" he's taken. Over and over and over again, so many with just the top of his head, it's so funny. I get to be extremely lazy today, and don't have to cook anything for dinner -  my mom is doing it, and since there will be only us added to them, it isn't any more work for her than any other time they have us over. Time for some deep breathing and planning before I get swamped with making all the Christmas food and treats for people, namely countless cake balls for my husband's co-workers at the jail. This time of year they literally will be chanting for them in the background whenever hubby calls home! 
 This year one of my biggest  "thanks" is for the safe delivery of my newest niece, Tirzah Hope. She wasn't doing well at the end of my sister's very long pregnancy (she goes about three weeks "late" with every single one). This was her first c-section, as baby's heart rate was dropping rather alarmingly. Emily is spending Thanksgiving in the hospital, getting some much needed rest before going home.
My very biggest thanks is that my niece, (my sister's second oldest) has just been declared "free of cancer". This is the best news we all could have gotten! Although we know she is in God's hands, and had she died, she'd happily be in heaven, everybody here would have missed her greatly. She's such a wonderful girl, loves God and people so much. Well, I'm thankful to not have the family(and by "the family", I mean all of us! "Actual" family, church family, etc.) not have to go through grieving. Grieving the loss of loved ones stinks. So Yay! Very happy for her to be home cooking Thanksgiving dinner with her big sister!

Friday, November 22, 2013

This Moment

      {this moment}
A Friday ritual, inspired by Soulemama. A simple moment - no words- capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor, and remember. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Goodwill and Crocheted Snowflakes

Here's Miss Scowls When She Spies The Camera enjoying her morning ritual of breakfast and coffee on the couch with Dad before he goes to work. We've been binge watching Doc Martin, since we realized the whole thing was on hulu, and we watch most of one episode before he leaves in the morning. The last two mornings, Amelia has insisted that Daddy take not only his thermos of coffee with him to work, but also her little cup of milk and coffee! Apparently she realizes how tiresome working at a jail can be. 
 I had to go get a few groceries before today's winds kicked up (love windy, stormy weather!!), so I ran into Goodwill first and came away with a few goodies- bags of old trim are one of my favorite finds, I'll have to take some better pictures when I get them properly wound, but there is some great ric rac in there with the lace.
 This little angel is almost, but not quite a bit much for my taste - there was a bell with her that Amelia was given to play with until it finds it's way into the trash.
 Found some more Shiny Brites - this picture really doesn't do justice, the white has a really nice patina to it, but right now I'm more concerned with keeping the blogging ball rolling!
 I love these coasters, not sure what I'll do with them, maybe something bunting related.

 Bird was in with the angel, I think I will add it to the advent calender I really hope to get made this year!
Owen was in need of some new pants, as he had worn most of his others out. It's a wonderful thing to have kids thrilled to bits over thrift store clothes! I love so much that they just don't care where things come from, and are quite frugal already - they will see how much something can cost new and will say, "Never mind, let's see if we can find something like it at Goodwill, or maybe it will go on sale later." 
Last, but not least, I have actually gotten started making some of Lucy's snowflakes! I read the pattern over last year, and though I could see they were super simple, I never got to them. These still need to be blocked, but I am really enjoying them. They are perfect for making while travelling, watching t.v., or helping with schoolwork.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Grandma's House and One Project Done

This girl was born with her daddy's crazy flexible eyebrows, and loves to use them on everybody. Unfortunately, it's difficult to get a good picture of her raising an eyebrow or giving a truly great scowl.  This is as close as I've gotten so far! Wednesday evenings Amelia gets to go hang out at my parent's house, while the  rest of us go to Awana. Their yard is pictured above, and they have so many mushrooms everywhere. I've only posted some of the pictures, but they are fun to see. I don't know why they strike us as so cute and even magical, but they do! The top one we all agreed looks like a tiny birdbath. 

David had an extra day off on Monday, and even though we had plenty we should have been doing, he asked my parents to take the youngest three kids so we could run off together for the day. We just headed up north to Longview, went to Michael's (David needed more rub-n-buff, makes me giggle that my husband is the one who wanted to go to the craft store, but having a crafty husband does make for a husband sympathetic to my crafty pursuits. Though he isn't fond of the mess- he has the garage for his mess, but my sewing room is really part of the kitchen), Goodwill, and Arby's. We really like Arby's, and don't have one where we live, but as we were leaving, we remembered that Longview has an Applebee's, which we both would have preferred. Man, we were just so tired from so long weeks, that we just weren't thinking. Still, it was really nice to get out alone for a bit. And, I scored a bag of Shiny Brite ornaments for $1.50, love that!! I also got a Santa head mug, though I didn't get a picture of it. 
 I have even gotten one small project done! For the girls's room. I found the pattern in a craft magazine, though it only had one little one in the picture, so I redid it a bit to have Amelia and Emma. I'm planning on finishing up a mobile I started a month ago. I had seen some of the crocheted lampshades on Pinterest, and liked how some of them looked. I made something similar, and wanted small owls hanging from it, then couldn't decide on the pattern for them until I found a Christmas craft magazine with some really cute ones. *Hopefully* I will have that to post this weekend.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Bit Ramble-y

It's funny how something so simple as blogging can be such a difficult thing to get back into once you've had to put it aside for a while. I regularly think about it, take pictures for it, take notice of small acts and conversations through the day that I'd like to keep somewhere, and know that I will be sorry that I'm not putting it all together for my family's remembrance, and still, I just don't.  Christmas is coming and we are hosting my husband's annual family party this year, which means I am seeing every little thing that hasn't been done yet around the house, as well as all the extra cleaning I'd like to get done. I'm not caught up in having everything "perfect", but would like to see what I can accomplish. I've accepted long ago that my husband and I are too imperfect and easily put off and distracted for anything close to perfectionb! Then God gave us five more versions of ourselves as a great blessing (joke!). My older two "kids" (from my first marriage- PLEASE God, help us to teach these kids to hear and listen to your voice over any human's voice!) live together a whole street away from us. There was a lot of emotional havoc in our home for many years, things have settled down greatly. My oldest son has also done a lot of Growing Up, which I love. His sweet heart is breaking through hardened walls, he has a job that he really enjoys at a really nice restaurant that I have yet to get a certain husband to take me to, he openly loves on his siblings- all of them.  (And by certain husband, I do mean mine!!) Anyway, my current blogging goal is to at least post the little things I do get done each day, no matter how small. Oh- one of my favorite blogs is back, Cultivating Home, is back. So excited, I love seeing families that actually get a Godly start in life.

Speaking of getting to putting things on here to remember,I'm finally getting a picture from Halloween up, we had a Steampunk theme with the homemade costumes. Emma and Alan both won contests for their age groups, though I felt a *little* bad for Aidan- he and Alan were in the same age group and the final voting was between the two of them! I was sure Aidan won (the voting was by applause- not very reliable, as all you have to do to win is have the most family or loudest family), but the woman in charge announced Alan. Alan was sweet and split the prizes, which consisted of some junk, candy, two gift cards to our favorite local pizza place and some free video rentals. The kids all had fun and  got enough trick or treating in to feel like they had a well-rounded night of it. I'm hoping that by next year we can maybe have a party at home or something. As a christian, halloween has given me some fits over the years- there are so many viewpoints on celebrating it. We had years of trick or treating, years of church parties, years of skipping it, years of having tracts to hand out with the candy- it gets crazy and not a little silly to get so stressed over something that isn't what it used to be. For us, we realized that if we were having a harvest party at church, well, that wasn't us "not" celebrating halloween, that was "how" we celebrated halloween. Also, that when a church has a party that says, "Dress up as your favorite bible character", well, that just isn't terribly fun. Especially when one is married to a sci-fi geek who loves to make really cool costumes. And I am completely opposed to the family going to comic con! Eww. So, we embrace the Modern, Meaningless, Holiday in Which One Gets To Play Dress Up And Acquire Candy version of halloween. No celebrating witches. No celebrating spirits of the dead.

I can't believe I was left alone long enough to get this done! Likely because Saturday is a school day in our house, and the kids all know that when I am finished, they need to hop on and begin work.