Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stormy Stuff

We've been having the best stormy day. It started with some serious lightening and thunder around 4 am. Although I adore storms, a couple of my kids do NOT, and so I snuggled the littlest one while waiting for others to wake up scared. Amelia (the littlest one, 21 months) never budged, nobody budged- not even our "new to us" dog.  I couldn't believe everybody just slept. The house shook something fierce. I am always extra thankful for a house that was built by a shipbuilder in 1915.This picture was taken by a lucky lady in town (I mean, what a shot!), and shared on facebook. We live just outside of town, this is in town,and that is the Megler bridge, joining Oregon to Washington. I'm using this picture since I haven't been able to find my camera charger. So lame. It has been one thing after another trying to get back into blogging. I kind of just set it aside, mentally, for a bit longer. My hubby starts day shift in a couple days, so our family schedule will be changing. I figure this will be a good time to start, since the whole start with the beginning of swing shift thing that I had envisioned failed to come to fruition. Not sure what part of the day I'll blog, we'll see how that goes. I will have plenty of projects and things to post with fall here. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. Winter would be, hands down, but for the very sad fact that we just really don't get snow here. We skipped out on church today, I'm not sure if we're battling colds or allergies, but between that and the storm, hubby decided we'd just stay home. Apparently he also needed sleep, he slept until 11:30!! We spent a  bit of the afternoon cleaning up, my oldest two (who once "hated" each other, but now live together a street over from us, heeheehaahaa) stopped by for a while to raid the kitchen for food and coffee. After they left the rest of us finally picked up where we had left off with Farmer Boy many months ago, then Aidan, my 13 year old, made some doughnuts. Unfortunately for the youngest three, they were yeast doughnuts and will have to wait for breakfast. They were so bummed. Then I watched Foyle's War. By myself. Boo. I am very much looking forward to having my husband home to watch t.v. with! Well, I'm off to see if I can find that cord and get some of my own pictures of the stormy weather! Although I doubt I'll get any good ones of lightening, I don't know if we'll actually get more of it. I confess, I hope we do.

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